Metal roofing experts in Charlotte NC explains cleaning painted roofs

Metal roofing experts can help you keep your roof clean

Metal roofing experts in Charlotte NC insist on the need to keep your roof clean. The coated metal roof on your property can definitely make it stand out from the competition. The fact that metal roofing almost requires no maintenance is one of its best features. The majority of places have enough rainfall to maintain the metal roof surface clean. To keep your roof looking fresh and lovely, a quick cleaning operation should be planned when an unusual amount of dirt is showing up on it. Heavy construction, farming, or conditions where trees or other impediments prevent rain from reaching the roofing surface often result in excessive dirt. Learn from metal roofing professionals how to clean a painted metal roof so you can do it yourself.

Remove dirt and grime

Every form of the roof has to deal with one of the most frequent issues you’ll have. It’s unavoidable for dirt, dust, and grime to build up over time, and this can change how your roof looks. Simply attach a soap container to your hose connection and spray a basic detergent over the entire roof to solve this issue. The amount of phosphate in the detergent is one thing to watch out for. It is advised to use a regular, non-abrasive home detergent to remove surface grime. You can rinse the roof with water from the same hose after spraying it with detergent.

Note: Cleaners in higher quantities can harm the finish. Right after cleaning, immediately rinse the surface with clear water. Avoid getting the solution in your eyes or on your skin. Always wash the shingles from bottom to top, and be sure to rinse them off completely with fresh water after each wash.

Deal with moss

You might have to deal with issues like moss, mildew, or algae growth depending on where your home is located. If your property is situated on a highly wooded lot where sunlight or rain has a very difficult time reaching your roof surface, this problem may arise.


Whatever cleaning method you choose, remember to rinse the roof well afterward. Recheck the entire area with a solution of water and soap. After doing this, hose down the entire area to make sure all debris has been completely removed. It’s vital to be as thorough as you can because leaving chemicals on your roof is a surefire way to cause even more issues.

Work with the best metal roofing experts in Charlotte NC

Cleaning your metal roof will allow it to function optimally. Work with the best metal roofing experts in Charlotte NC for the best results. Advanced Roofing and Exteriors offers commercial roofing and residential roofing services to Charlotte, NC, and surrounding areas.