Metal roofing, in Charlotte, has its pros and cons

Metal roofing is one of the best types of roofs, in Charlotte and Concord NC, due to its ability to last longer and its beautiful appearance – it comes in different shapes, colors, and sizes. However, choosing a metal roof has its pros and cons.

After looking at the pros and cons, you can now decide if metal roofing is right for your home.

Pros of metal roofing

1. It lasts for a long time

As we know it, a high-quality metal roof lasts for about 40-50 years. When properly installed, it can effectively seal out water, survive high winds, and easily shed snow.

Its longevity level is also because it is resistant to fire and insects.

2. Easy to install

Metal roofs are easy to install but if not installed properly, it would cause more problems instead of fixing them. That is why you should hire a professional metal roofing contractor to install it for you. This would also ensure that the roof is installed quickly in case of any weather change.

3. Environmentally friendly

Metal roofs are very environmentally friendly. They consist of over 25% of recycled materials and are very recyclable themselves. You can reuse a high-quality metal roof as many times as you want. Other roofs like asphalt shingles are a product of petroleum and have an increased dependency on fossil fuels.

4. Appealing appearance

Metal roofs are very beautiful. They come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. They come in more than 100 colors, unlike the asphalt shingles that come in only 15-20 colors.

These beautiful colors add to the general appearance of the building. The two most common metals – steel and aluminum – are designed to hold paints very well.


Although metal roofing has its ups, there are also some downs to consider before getting a metal roof.

1. They can be very noisy

Metal roofs can be very noisy, especially during heavy rain or hailstorms. They are noisier than any other type of roofing.

2. Poor performance

Improper installation of metal roofs can cause water to accumulate which can cause serious damage to the structure. The roof would fail and leak. To prevent this, you need to hire experienced contractors near you to install your metal roof.

3. Can be dented

Although they are durable, metal roofs are prone to denting especially in times of heavy storms and hailstorms. It is also expensive. Metal roofs are expensive with materials that run from $120-$900 per square foot.

Top metal roofing in Charlotte

Having seen the pros and cons of metal roofing, you need to hire the services of a professional roofing contractor, who would give you the best advice on the best roofs for your home.

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