Metal roofing in Charlotte, NC and cold weather

Metal roofing endures cold as well as heat

Metal roofing

If you know how well metal roofing handles the hot summers of Charlotte, NC by reflecting sunlight and heat, you may be wondering how it handles cold. One way to ensure that your metal roofing goes through the whole winter without damage is to make sure it doesn’t get too warm. If you’re not using your attic as a living space, keep your attic floor airtight and well-insulated and let your attic cool down to the temperature outside. (This will also make it a less attractive nesting place for squirrels and raccoons.) Never try to walk on it yourself — it isn’t built for it, and is slick when wet.

The reason you should keep it cold is that if part of it warms up enough to melt the snow on top of it, the warmer water will trickle down to a colder part and refreeze, forming an ice dam. Meltwater pools behind the dam, and since the metal contract slightly in the cold, it may be able to get in through the seams. Properly cared for, metal roofing is still an excellent investment, cutting the premium in your homeowner’s insurance and boosting the resale value of your home.

Finding the best people to do metal roofing installation

Installing metal roofing is something you should only have to do once. Because it is more expensive than shingles, and needs to be properly installed in order to gain the benefits, you need to make sure you’ve found the top metal roofing experts in Concord, NC. Look for roofers who’ve had testimonials from other customers on how well they installed metal roofing.

If you work at home, or just like it nice and quiet, and you’re worried about the noise a metal roof might make in the rain, metal roofing can be installed in such a way as to prevent that. The roofing has to be flush with the wooden deck and securely fastened to it. Only the best contractors can install metal roofing and insure that it will remain watertight and flush with the deck while contracting in the cold.

Charlotte’s best metal roofing contractors

Advanced Roofing and Exteriors are the best roofing contractors in Charlotte or Concord, NC, and they offer a 30 to 50 year warranty on their metal roofs. They’ve won the Angie’s List Super Service Award twice. This family-owned company is also an Owens Corning preferred contractor and a member of the Home Builders Association of Charlotte. These licensed general contractors will give you a free estimate, plan their timeline for work to suit your schedule and provide the materials themselves. If you are interested in a metal roof for a home or business, call today.