Metal roofing types, pros, and cons: Find top roofing company in Charlotte NC

Metal roofing is one of the types of roofing available

Metal roofing is one of the roofing types used in new construction installation projects in Charlotte and Concord, NC. Other options include asphalt and wood shingles. Every roofing option offers various pros and cons. If you are considering different roof material options, you have to understand the uses, aesthetics, durability, and pricing of each option. Learn more about this option here.

Types of metal roofing

There are two main types of metal roofing—shingles and panels. The metal used may be copper, steel, or aluminum. There are various styles available to match your needs. You might be interested in the standing seam or 5V crimp.

You can always talk to your metal roofing contractor about the various roofing material styles available. Besides the outward appearance, you also need to consider aspects of the type of roofing such as how long it lasts, how well it performs, and how affordable it is both in the short and long term. In the next section, we look closer at the various pros and cons of choosing metallic roofing.

Pros and cons

Compared to the more common asphalt shingles, metal roofing is more expensive. This comes at a tradeoff because metal roof materials have a much longer lifespan of 40-60 years. When you have a new building project on your hands, you probably have a planned budget you hope to stick to. Going for a metal roof could take you off budget, but it could also be worthwhile in the long term. You’ll have to weigh out this information to make the best decision.

Other benefits of using metal panels for your roof include ease of installation, low maintenance requirements, weather resistance, and energy-saving technology in many cases. Much energy is used in the home to cover cooling costs. With metal panels on your roof, you can reduce this cooling charging by as much as 25%. This is because a metal roof can reflect the sun’s rays and therefore reduce the temperature of the roof surface and indoor air.

Other disadvantages of this kind of roofing material are that it can be noisy, difficult to color match, and is at higher risk of reduced performance because of water damage. If you are willing to add some attic installation, you may be able to reduce the roof noise, particularly during heavy rains and hailstorms.

Charlotte’s #1 company metal roofing contractor

A metal roof can be an excellent long-term investment when you have a new roof installation or renovation project. You need the right contractor for this kind of work. Advanced Roofing and Exteriors offers commercial roofing and residential roofing services to Charlotte NC and surrounding areas. Get in touch for all your metal roofing requirements.