Shrugging off the snow and ice with metal roofing in Charlotte

Metal roofing in CharlotteCharlotte Metal roofing owners sleep easy

Those with metal roofing in Charlotte are sleeping easy this winter, even in the face of record snowfalls.  People who understand roof construction know that roofing companies are going to be extremely busy this year trying to repair or replace the damage caused by these winter storms. Homeowners frequently ask us how a metal roof handles the two most damaging winter elements… ice and snow. The short answer is, “Very well.” We want to share some of the most common concerns of homeowners below.

Snow and ice on my metal roof

Unsurprisingly, snow and ice slides right off a metal roof after a minimal amount of buildup. This is one of the reasons that metal roofing continues to grow as a very popular roofing choice in the most cold and snowy regions of North America. Homeowners with metal roofing never have to worry about the destructive effects of ice dams. Ice damming is the process by which snow backs up against your roof eaves, forcing water into your home under the shingles. Metal roofing panels and shingles are designed to shed snow and ice, eliminating the need to worrying about icicles or ice buildup that can tear down your gutters.

What about dangerous chunks falling onto traffic areas?

In addition to metal roofing systems being designed to shed snow and ice, they can also be installed with snow guards or heating cables. This helps to safely break up snow and ice chunks in order to avoid an avalanche of snow that might pose as a threat to your home during the winter. This may only be necessary in regions of severe arctic weather. Charlotte metal roofing companies can advise you as to the best system for your home.

Install a metal roof for your home

Normally in this region, the prevalence of heat sources within your attic or under the roof cause ice by melting snow in one area and allowing the runoff to freeze in another. Your Charlotte metal roof installer can locate these heat sources within your home. After these heat sources are discovered, they will be able to design the installation of your new metal roof so that snow and ice shed easily and safely. If you need a roof replaced, there is no need to wait until the warm weather months. Metal roof installations are not at all uncommon during the winter season. In fact, this can be the time of year to get the best possible deal on a metal roof that can last you for 50 or 60 years.

One of the best Charlotte roofing companies

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