The trend toward energy efficient metal roofing in Charlotte

Metal roofing in CharlotteMore homeowners install a metal roof

Metal roofing in Charlotte has become a significant choice with local homeowners. Although these new roofs going up in Charlotte may look the same as the shingles that they are replacing, the reality is that the market for metal roofing has increased significantly over the past 10 years. Homeowners are becoming increasingly aware that metal roofs protect their homes from extreme weather while being durable, attractive solutions to reduce the carbon footprint. Of the vast number of Carolinians that expect to replace their roof next year, many are looking for “green” solutions, or energy-saving options. Metal roofing provides a product with a long life span with a high percentage of recycled content, and the demonstrated ability to decrease energy consumption.

Cool roofs

Metal roofs by their nature are energy efficient roofs, which are sometimes called “cool roofs.” This is because they are designed to transfer less heat or cold into the home, decreasing the demand for air-conditioning and heating. The end result is reduced energy consumption and decreased greenhouse gas emissions. Cool metal roofing materials reflect a high percentage of the sun’s rays and quickly release heat as it is absorbed. Like most energy efficient roofing materials, the initial investment is greater but the lifetime return in reduced energy costs more than pays the difference.

How it works

All roofing materials can be rated by two factors that determine their level of energy efficiency. These factors are called “reflectance” and “thermal emittance.” Reflectance measures how much of the solar rays are reflected by an object. Thermal emittance refers to a product’s ability to release the heat that it absorbs. Asphalt shingles only reflect about 5 to 15 percent of the sun’s rays. Metal roofing materials can reflect 20 to 90 percent depending on color, thickness, and other variables.

Thermal emittance is a very important characteristic of a cool metal roof. Shingle roofs can reach temperature of 150 to 165 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer. Because of their high reflectance and low thermal emittance, cool metal roofs will reach only 110 to 115 Fahrenheit. A key advancement in roofing efficiency is the manufacture of “cool colored” metal roofing panels that contain pigments that efficiently reflect solar energy. Originally, cool roofs were bright white; however, more colors are becoming available for residential roofing.

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