What are the advantages of metal roofing in Charlotte and Concord?

Metal roofing over shingles

Yes, metal roofing can be installed over shingles. One significant advantage of metal roofing is its lightweight, which makes it possible to be installed over an existing shingle roof. Unless your local building department codes require it, there is no reason to remove your old roof. Installing a metal roofing over shingles is a good practice. Fortunately, it is allowed in Charlotte and Concord, NC. Since you can install metal roofing over shingles, here are few things to keep in mind during the installation.

Advantages of metal roofs:

Metal roofing is becoming increasingly popular in Concord, NC, due to its longevity and curb appeal. It can last longer for about 30 to 70 years, depending on the material. While this lasts and can withstand any weather conditions, it can also keep home dry, safe, and comfortable. Snow will easily meltdown, and rain will efficiently and quickly drain. They can withstand heavy wind gusts, wildfire, lightning strike, and hail storm without taking any significant damage. It also comes in various colors and finishes, including the appearance of natural stone or cedar shakes.

Advantages of metal roofing over shingles:

  • By installing metal roofing over shingles, you save the cost of removing them and the stress of throwing in landfills.
  • Shingles act as an extra layer covering your home, thus help to insulate it

Some of the disadvantages of metal roofs include:

  • Unlike most roofing materials, metal roofs can be noisy, especially when it hails or rains. This can be a disturbance for homeowners. Adding extra layers of soundproof can solve this problem, but it adds to the cost of installation. 

Installation of metal roofing over shingles in Charlotte NC

There are things to keep in mind if you plan to install metal roofs over shingles. Firstly, take a few precautions about the underlying shingles. Ensure your underlying roof is in good shape. Make sure you inspect the underlying and replace any leaking sheet or rafters. Make sure you look out for signs like sagging decking or buckling tresses. Also, take into consideration the following:

Manufacturer specifications and warranty

When installing, make sure your roof installer followed the manufacturer’s specifications. All the edges must be well-trimmed, which improves appearance and resistance against snow, rain, and wind.

Installing metal roofing in Charlotte, NC

Installing one over shingles is a smart choice. If you are considering installing this type of roofing, here at Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, we love everything about this type of roofing. The Advanced Roofing and Exteriors got you covered.  We are bonded, licensed, and fully insured. We have the required knowledge and experience for your project.

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