Wood shakes are being replaced by metal roofing in Charlotte

Metal roofing in CharlotteThe choice to install a metal roof

Increasing numbers of homeowners are turning to metal roofing in Charlotte, NC. Surprisingly, a significant number of homeowners who plan to install a metal roof will be replacing a wood shake roof. This is surprising because many of these customers originally chose wood shakes because of its organic and natural characteristics. Ideally, they wanted a roof that blended into the natural surroundings and with the architecture of their homes or businesses.

These customers are calling Charlotte metal roofing companies and are looking to replace cedar shake roofs for a number of reasons. First of all, many homeowners have discovered that wood shakes are simply not lasting as long as they used to. The most common complaint from experienced shake roof customers is that their first cedar shake roof lasted 30 years, but many of the cedar shake replacement roofs are failing after only 10 years.

The advantages of metal roofing in Charlotte

The primary reason for this is very easy to explain. Older cedar shakes from the 60s and the 70s were made from old-growth timber; The since the mid to late 80s, cedar shakes have been made from much younger, fast-growing, and farmed cedar that cannot be expected to last as long as old growth timber.

Another reason why these homeowners are considering a reroof with metal roofing is because replacing a wood shake roof and going to asphalt shingles is a tremendous visual downgrade. Additionally, the market and resale value of the home would also drop to unacceptable levels. In other words, replacing a cedar shake roof with asphalt shingles would be like tearing up your emerald green lawn and replacing it with gravel. Metal shake roofing simulates the look of split wood shake roofing, but carries a much longer service life, lower weight on your structure, and easier installation. Metal roofing products are made to last, with the best possible fire ratings as another distinct advantage.

When the cost of the two types of roofing are compared, most people find that metal roofing is competitive with real cedar shakes; and for a comparable price, you can expect several decades of durability and weather resistance. It only makes sense to invest in the more durable metal shakes when they provide the same beautiful appearance as wood shakes. Be sure to ask your Charlotte metal roofing company about the energy efficiency ratings of a metal shake roof.

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