Can a Charlotte NC residential roofer fix my roof?

Do you need a roof repair or full replacement?

A residential roofer in Charlotte NC can immediately tell when a home needs roof repair or if it’s time for roof replacement. Charlotte’s top residential roofer has been in the roofing business for many years. They have expertise in residential roof repair.

Do you know the correct time to replace your roof, or what damage to look for so you can have a repair? Read on and see if any of the following points can help, you make your decision.

Is your Charlotte NC roof getting old?

A shingle roof has a life span of approximately 15 years if it has not faced any severe weather abuse. If you have had a residential roofer perform regular maintenance on your roof, then you could last a few more years, but it won’t be many.

Once a shingle roof reaches a certain age, repairs are more frequent, and your shingles may start to resemble a patchwork quilt. Maintenance costs increase, and you may find that you are calling your local residential roofer to make one or two visits each year.

Missing shingles reveal bad news with Charlotte’s best roofing companies

Depending on the size of your home, you may not be able to see every corner where herpes is found. Not only can they be absent, but also they can curl up in warmer climates, and as soon as the wind picks them up, they can be ripped out of their sockets.

A residential roofer knows the areas to look for and check for these problems. All it takes is one or two to move around, and over time, you can have a severe water problem every time it rains.

A local roofing contractor can have one of his people quickly check the condition of any roof in Charlotte or Concord NC. After climbing a ladder, they can go through the roof and check the most vulnerable areas. Curly or slippery shingles are easy to detect, and they will see if there is any other water damage.

A roofer in Charlotte NC makes things dry

If your roof is relatively new, then there is no need to consider a new roof. Meanwhile, many houses are reaching the stage where they are becoming problematic. It may be due to wear and tear from the changing weather conditions. These roofs will need replacement by a residential roofer like Advanced Roofing and Exteriors before the underlying structure gets damaged.

If you have any concerns or already know the answer but want a second opinion, contact Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, and Charlotte’s best roofing contractors will be happy to give you a quick survey, and put your mind at ease, or deliver the news you’ve been waiting for.