Charlotte residential roofer when you need one

Sudden need for a Charlotte residential roofer- sudden need

(The following is a dramatization.)

Charlotte residential roofer was in high need! It was just after the hurricane that I realized my Concord, NC home needed a Charlotte residential roofer. I had managed to save the windows by nailing plywood over them, and since I had moved everything valuable to the second floor, the little bit of water that got in did not do too much damage. Unfortunately, the wind had torn many shingles off my roof, and the rain had gotten in. Not all of it had gotten into the attic, but a lot of it had, and even more of it had gotten into the structure of the roof… which was wood. What I needed was a reliable Charlotte residential roofer that could asses the extent of the damage and figure out what needed replacing and what could be salvaged.

Before I could even finish looking at the damage, roofers started showing up at my front door. I had heard warningsResidential roofer in Charlotte, NC about “storm chasers” who turn up at times like this. I got their contact information and told them I would get back to whoever I chose. One of them got very insistent that I let him up on my roof right now, so I told him to get off my property right now.

Doing the homework

I then went to the computer and looked up the others. None of them were very promising. Some of them had complaints against them from previous customers, concerning work left half done or done badly. One of them had just started business last month, but had apparently owned another roofing business last year that had gone bankrupt due to a lawsuit by a customer.

So I went looking for a real Charlotte residential roofer, the kind that does not have to go door to door. I looked for someone with a good reputation in the community. I found a family-owned company that offered free estimates and would provide the materials as part of the job. The only bad news was that I would have to wait a few weeks, because I was not the only one in the Charlotte area with a damaged roof. In the meantime, I put a couple of tarps over the holes in the roof.

Charlottes best residential roofer

Advanced Roofing and Exteriors are the best roofing contractor in Charlotte and Concord, NC.They have won the Angies List Super Service Award twice. This family-owned company is also a member of the Home Builders Association of Charlotte and an Owens Corning preferred contractor. They will plan their work schedule to suit your needs, and provide all the materials themselves. Call the best Charlotte residential roofer today for a free estimate.