Looking for a residential roofer

Residential roofer in Charlotte, NCHow to find a good residential roofer

It’s better to hire a residential roofer who gets it right the first time than pay to have the work done and then pay again to have it redone. Try to avoid the residential roofers that show up at your front door right after a storm. Always ask your friends and neighbors who they hired and what kind of experience they had. Check the BBB rating of any Charlotte or Concord, NC roofer you’re thinking of hiring, and see if they’re a member of any professional associations. See how long they’ve been in business — one year is good, ten years is better. Make sure they have the right insurance and licenses. Get bids from six or seven roofers, and don’t pick one that seems much cheaper or more expensive than the others. And when you choose a residential roofer, be sure to get a warranty on the roof.

What a residential roofer can do for you

Residential roofers can do anything from installing a new roof to repairing or replacing an old one. They can advise you on what material you want for your roof. Metal is more expensive, but lasts much longer. Clay and concrete tiles last longer still. Wooden shingles last a decade or so longer than asphalt, if properly maintained. Synthetic tiles are the cheapest.

They can perform an inspection on the roof of a home before you buy it or sell it. If a hurricane hits Charlotte or Concord, NC this year, your insurance policy should cover the damage. But first you need to have the damage assessed by professionals. Write down the date and time of the storm, and get copies of any coverage of it in your local newspaper. When the claims adjuster comes to look at the damage, make sure your residential roofer is available to provide estimates for you and the adjuster. They can also bill your insurance carrier directly.

In addition to the roof itself, there are various accessories a residential roofer can take care of for you. They can install, clean and repair gutters and chimney caps. There are also chase covers, dampers, smoke guards, exterior and interior cleanout doors and stainless steel or cast iron firebacks. If you don’t know what these are, that’s why you want to leave them to an expert.

Charlotte’s best residential roofers

Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, a family-owned company, is the best residential roofer in Charlotte and Concord, NC. They’ve won the Angie’s List Super Service Award twice. They can deal with all aspects of residential roofing, and will plan their work schedule to suit your needs and provide all the roofing materials themselves. Call today for a free estimate.