Residential roofers in Charlotte discuss importance of a good roof drainage system

Residential roofers, in Charlotte NC, design roof drainage systems to effectively remove water from the roof and minimize the accumulation of groundwater around your foundation. However, an improper roof drainage system can cause a lot of building damages.

These roof drainage systems should be properly maintained. Maintaining these drainage systems is very important because roof drains and gutters are designed to divert water away from your roof. If not properly maintained, poor passing of water would lead to weak foundations and mold growths.

The best roof drainage system

Residential roofers say when choosing a roof drain for your house, it is important to choose the best options. This is because choosing a poor drainage system can affect the interior of your house by giving it soggy walls and affecting the physical structure of the house. There are so many options to choose from and it might be tricky to choose the wrong one which would not effectively divert water away from your roof.

A sloped roof structure is better at preventing water pooling. Because of its sloping structure, it allows water to run off easily. But as the water is falling off to the ground, it can affect the foundation of the building. Instead, install gutters that would help carry the water away from the building.

However, if you have a flat roof, hope is not lost.

Best drainage systems for flat roofs in Charlotte

Unlike a sloped structure, a flat roof cannot easily let water flow down when it rains. In fact, without a proper drainage system, the water can stay on the roof for as long as possible. This can leave wet stains on the ceiling and walls of the house. If this continues, it leads to a leaking roof, and structural damage 9f the building.

Residential roofers say that in order to avoid these problems, having a proper roof drainage system for buildings with flat roofs is a must-have.

Here are the best drainage options for flat roofs


These are the most common to find in every flat-roofed building. Gutters drain out water away from the building and prevent it from accumulating at the foundation. They are the most cost-effective of all drainage systems, no wonder they are so common. However, they should be properly cleaned and maintained for best performance.


Just like gutters, scuppers are installed at the edge of the roof. But they are smaller and not very well equipped for managing snow. They are designed to only get rid of water from the roof. It works with the momentum that is needed to keep the walls dry. Scuppers are angled downwards so that the water can easily flow down with the aid of gravity. The momentum ensures that the water doesn’t pool at the foundation of the building. Scuppers are also cost-effective, just like gutters. They are also easy to maintain and not prone to getting clogged by debris, especially the wide scuppers.

Interior drains

Here, the pipes are built to run through the walls and ceilings of your house. This allows the water to flow effectively away from the roof and into the ground. The pipes are protected by the roof and walls of the building, so they are not prone to cracking due to harsh weather conditions. But they can be very expensive to install and need strainers in order to prevent clogging. This is why a good residential roofer is required to make the installation.

Hiring the best residential roofers in Charlotte

To get you the best advice and services, hire professional residential roofers who would help you effectively install a firm drainage system for your roof while ensuring that there are no damages done. Poor installation of the drainage system can lead to an ineffective roof drain. Instead of an easy flow of water, more water is accumulated and problems arise.

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