Why does Charlotte NC residential roofing need felt?

Why is roofing felt critical on a Charlotte NC home?

Residential roofing is the first line of defense for all homes. This along with your sidings prevents any water from seeping in. You will want the best roofing materials to give your home curb appeal as well as value and reliability, however, one of the unsung heroes is the roofing felt.

Although Charlotte’s best, roofing contractors know which is the best, and why it is used. Many homeowners don’t. Here are reasons why a house needs roofing felt.

What is roofing felt and why do residential roofing companies use it?

Roofing felt is also known by other names, including “felt paper,” “tar paper” among others. It has been in use in some variation for over a century. Roofing felt is made from two layers:

There is the base made from a natural or synthetic material. Natural bases can be made from wood cellulose and a synthetic base from polyester. The second layer will be a water-resistant coating like asphalt. Roofing felt fits between the rood deck and the shingles; it acts as protective membrane between the two layers of your roof system.

Professional roofing contractors use it to add an extra layer of protection to your roof. It helps keep rain out along with some other benefits.

More benefits of roofing felt for Charlotte NC residential roofing

Roofing Felt provides an additional level of protection against the moisture that leaks into your roofing system. As water permeates the inner layers of your home’s construction, it can do extensive damage. Roofing Felt assists rain and other wetness to properly drain off your roof.

If moisture seeps through your roof shingles, roof felt serves as a last resort of protection. In a way, it will act as a sealer to prevent moisture from affecting insulation, ceilings, walls and other parts of your home’s interior.

Leaving out roofing felt can be against the law in some areas

This does depend on where you live. Not every roofing company in Concord NC may need to fit roofing felt. However, in some areas, it is a requirement. This is more common in wetter regions where there is excessive rain and snow.

Even if there is no regulation in your area, it is advisable to have roofing felt fitted as part of your residential roofing. The cost is not that much more, yet the levels of protection you get are more significant.

Reliable Charlotte NC residential roofing companies recommend felt

Although roofing felt is widely used, you may find not every roofing company recommends the use of it. However, you will always find that Charlotte’s best roofing companies advise it to be used on any home.

If you are not sure your home has it, and you are considering a new roof on your home, contact Advanced Roofing and Exteriors and the professionals will be able to tell if your home has roofing felt installed, and what additional benefits you will have by including it on your residential roofing project.