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Residential roofing Charlotte is one of the most important elements of shelter and security for your home, but it often goes overlooked. Charlotte’s best roofing contractors specialize in installing and repairing residential roofs, working with all popular materials. They are experts in the field, and can discuss the various benefits of each material with you before beginning your project.

Check for Damage

The first step in roof repair or replacement is to determine if you have an existing damage to your roof. You can do this in a number of easy ways. First, you can check your attic. Ice build up, water, or water staining indicate that your have a leak in your roof, which could either be due to the way the shingles were laid originally, or with your flashing, also called weatherproofing. Next, walk outside and look up at your roof. If you notice an areas of robust cracking, especially if you have a painted surface on the exterior of your home, this could be due to moisture being trapped in your attic, or poor ventilation. Mildew and mold along the interior ceiling lines also indicate excessive moisture. Another sign that you need a roof replacement seems obvious, but often goes forgotten. If your shingles look like they are in a state of disarray, or are cracked and curled, they may have surpassed their lifespan. Shingles can look dirty as they lose granules, and you may notice those granules accumulating in your gutters after a rainstorm. Finally, a telltale sign that you may be in need of roof repair or replacement is a high energy bill. By causing poor ventilation and air circulation, an old roof can trap hot air in your home and cause your air conditioning system to work longer to achieve lower temperatures. Similarly, in the wintertime, an old house may cause your heating system to work harder to retain heat and insulation.

Causes of Damage

Damaged roofing can lower the retail value of your home. Sun damage and UV rays are the leading causes of cracking and discoloration. Also, high winds can cause the edges of shingles to lift or curl up.

Installation and Repair

After inspecting your home, if you think you are in need of residential roofing Charlotte repair or replacement, you can call Advanced Roofing and Exteriors. As Charlotte’s best roofing contractors, yhey will discuss your roofing needs and preferences with you, and talk about the differences between roofing types, including asphalt, metal, tile, and synthetic. They can even show you samples and recommend a solution that works with your timeline and budget. Advanced Roofing and Exteriors will remove the existing roofing materials, install the new materials, clean up and remove any debris, and perform a final inspection. The company is licensed, bonded, insured, and family-owned.