A Charlotte residential roofing company with many skills

What you need in Charlotte residential roofing

Charlotte residential roofing in Charlotte, NC

When looking for a Charlotte or Concord, NC residential roofing company, you should have a clear idea of your needs. Different types of material involve different skills. Any residential roofing company worth its nails will know how to install, maintain and replace asphalt roofing, of course, because that’s the most common form of roofing. Metal roofing, although requiring less maintenance overall, requires a different set of skills. Slate roofing has the difficulty that you can’t walk on it — it can stand up to hail, wind and snow well enough, but the pressure of a 200-pound man stepping onto its surface is liable to crack it. Wooden shake or shingle roofs need a little air circulating under them in order to dry properrly, and if they don’t have this, they’re vulnerable to moss, mildew and fungi.

If you only own one house, this isn’t a problem. You can hire a Charlotte residential roofing company that specializes in the sort of roof you have. But if  you’re a real estate investor who owns multiple properties with different kinds of roof, or a major contractor looking for a local company to farm out work to, and you find a roofing company that can maintain any sort of roof, cling to that company with all your might.

The right Charlotte residential roofing company

When looking for a Charlotte or Concord, NC residential roofing company, look for one that can replace a roof completely in one to three days, without damaging the grounds or leaving bits of roofing materials and other debris around the home or yard. They should be willing to discuss the job with you beforehand and develop a schedule which will get the job done on time without compromising on quality. Check the Better Business Bureau rating of any residential roofing company you’re thinking of working with. Look for their licensing and insurance information and see if they’re in any professional associations.

When choosing a company, get bids from six or seven contractors. If you can’t decide, pick one in the middle of the price range. And when you choose a company, be sure to get a warranty on the roof. If anything is wrong with the new roof, you should be able to get in touch with them quickly, and they should be ready to fix it right away.

Charlotte’s best residential roofing company

Advanced Roofing and Exteriors are the best roofing contractor in Charlotte and Concord, NC, having won the Angies List Super Service Award twice. This family-owned company is also a member of the Home Builders Association of Charlotte and an Owens Corning preferred contractor. They will plan their work schedule to suit your needs, and provide all the roofing materials themselves. Whatever your Charlotte residential roofing needs, call today for a free estimate.