Residential roofing and Solar panels in Charlotte NC

Residential roofing companies in Charlotte NC say that there is a rapid increase of solar panels in residential homes. Many people want to switch to solar energy because it is a safe way of getting electricity. There has been an increase in the demand for solar panels. research shows that there are about 2 million homes in the US alone, which have solar panels installed.

Although the sales of solar panels are rapidly increasing, the ongoing question among homeowners is “Is solar power good for my roof?” This is no doubt a serious question due to the nail damage it may cause to your roof during installation or if it would void the warranty of a roof.

Solar panels can last for as long as 30-35 years on your roof hence the concern about roof damage.

Installing solar panels on your roof

The truth is that installing solar panels would not ruin your roof, especially if they are properly installed. When they are properly installed your roof’s infrastructure and exterior are very safe.

Solar panel installation requires drilling holes on your roof to make it very firm on the rooftop. Yes, it is a concern when holes are drilled on your roof, but the solar installers use certain safety measures to ensure that there is no structural damage done to your roof. The holes drilled are called lag bolts, whose sole purpose is to ensure that the solar panel is kept in place.

But the lag bolts aren’t left like that they are covered in flashing so that your roof can be protected from moisture. However, when installing solar panels on your roof, it is advisable not to do so on a roof whose lifespan is almost over. Rather, it should be done on a new roof.

Installing a solar panel on your roof will help you keep their energy costs down. Another major concern of homeowners is the weight of the solar panels on their roofs. It is true that heavy things on your roof can dent it or damage the structure. That is why it is advised that solar panels should not be installed on an old or weak roof. However, the weight of a solar panel is not up to the weight a strong roof can carry. Solar panels can fit well on a roof without damaging the structure.

Solar panels protect your roof from harsh weather conditions like rain, snow, storm, and even the sun. This makes your roof last longer. There is also a small space between the panels of your roof that allows air to flow through, making the roof too cool.

Another strong benefit is that with the solar panel shielding your roof from debris, rain, sun, snow, and so on, your roof requires little maintenance so for a very long time you do not need to worry about a leaking roof

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Before installing a solar panel make sure to hire a residential roofing company to help you inspect your roof and make sure it is in good shape. Solar panels are meant to be installed on a healthy roof, not a weak one.

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