Residential roofing: Are clay roof tiles really good for your Charlotte home?

For residential roofing in Charlotte, there are a lot of roofing options to consider. Sometimes just trying to make a choice can be so overwhelming. One of the best roofing options to consider is the clay roof tiles. Contrary to what you might be thinking about clay. These clay roof tiles are not made of raw clay. The clay is molded, then baked. It’s more like ceramics – the longer the clay is baked the more density it has.

Clay roof tiles are one of the best roofing options among Charlotte residents. Keep reading to learn more about this type of roofing and know if it is suitable for your home.

Why do you need to get clay roof tiles?

Clay roof tiles are not popular for no reason. Having this type of roofing material gives you a very beautiful aesthetic for your building and much more.

  1. Durability

Clay roofs are very resilient. They can last over a century. It has good structural strength and can withstand harsh weather conditions like intense sunlight, heavy rain, stormy weather, and so on. Modern-day clay roof tiles have been proven to be stronger than the ancient ones so you can just imagine the number of years it can last you for. They are more resilient and reliable now. With proper installation by a residential roofing company, you don’t need to bother about changing your roof for a very long time.

  1. Eco-friendly

Just like metal roofs, clay roof tiles are eco-friendly. They are produced from a natural material and do not contain any harmful or toxic ingredients that could damage the environment. They also do not contain harmful gases. Clay tiles are 100% recyclable and old clay roof tile can be recycled and remodeled into bricks or a new clay tile.

  1. Aesthetics/Appearance

As a residential roofing material, clay roof tiles make the building very appealing visually. The most preferred type among residents is the Terra-Cotta shade. A house with clay tiles neatly arranged on the roof stands out from other houses in the neighborhood.

Clay roof tiles are available in different colors. This characteristic makes it more visually appealing. The longer the heating or baking temperature, the former the colors of the clay tiles, so you don’t have to worry about repainting till the next 50+ years.

  1. Little maintenance

When compared to the other roofing materials, clay tiles require less maintenance. This is because it is highly resistant to intense weather conditions. It is also fireproof and proper installation makes the roof last longer. It is easy to clean a clay roof and you can do it yourself unless you prefer to hire a professional cleaning company to help you with it.

Top residential roofing company in Charlotte

Residential roofing companies suggest getting a professional in the installation process of the roof tiles. A professional would also help you inspect your roof for any damaged or broken clay tile and fix it immediately.

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