Residential roofing care tips for winter in Charlotte and Concord, NC

Residential roofing in Charlotte’s winters

Residential roofing is important for Charlotte and Concord, NC homeowners to maintain. That includes during the winter months. Winter can be hard on your roof and by taking care of it, you can help it come through these colder months with minimal damage, ensuring it lasts as long as possible. Below, we offer tips to help you take care of your roof this winter and in all the winters yet to come.

Caring for your roof in the winter

There are many types of residential roofing, asphalt shingles, metal, and more. But, no matter the type of roof, these tips can help you keep it in good condition this winter.

  1. Do an inspection. If the weather allows, there is still time for an inspection before we get too far into winter. Hire a professional residential roofing installer to check for broken shingles and areas water could get in. They can also check the attic for signs of water damage so any issues can be addressed quickly.
  2. Clear your roof. If you experience a snowstorm or receive a large amount of snow, take some time to clear it off your roof. Snow is heavy and can cause sagging if left to sit too long. It can also slide off of your roof as it melts, which can injure you if you are standing below it. Don’t hesitate to contact a residential roofing company for tips on how to safely clear the snow from your roof in the winter.
  3. Clean your gutters. Cleaning your gutters is an important task. It helps keeps things draining off your roof correctly and prevents ice dams from forming which can damage your roof when snow and ice melt. It’s a good idea to clean your gutters regularly throughout the year to keep them debris-free as well, as it keeps rainwater draining properly as well.
  4. Watch for wind damage. If a storm with heavy winds hits in the winter, or any time of year, make sure to inspect your roof for damage afterward. You can hire a residential roofing inspector to look or simply call a roofer if you see something that needs to be repaired.

Residential roofing care in Charlotte and Concord, NC

Charlotte and Concord, NC residents with residential roofing questions, or who need help with some winter roof maintenance, should contact Advanced Roofing and Exteriors. Our team is happy to assist with any roofing questions or needs you have.

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