Charlotte’s top residential roofing experts explain common winter issues

Residential roofing experts can help you avoid common winter problems

Charlotte’s top residential roofing experts understand the need for proper roof maintenance to keep it functional throughout all seasons. Winter weather is particularly harsh for your roofing, so it is common for homeowners to experience a range of problems. Such issues can be solved by being on time with your maintenance practices and regular inspections. Here are some common winter problems you can experience within Charlotte NC

Ice Leaks

One of the largest problems that can result from your roof is water damage. It can cause devastation inside your house in addition to destroying the roof’s foundation. The snow on your roof can melt when the sun is shining brightly during the day. If there is a leak, the water from the melting snow will seep into your house through the crack.

Chilly winds

Winter winds that accompany a substantial snowfall can seriously harm the structure of your roof. The shingles on your home may be torn off by these strong winds, leaving it vulnerable to the elements. This is particularly true for older roofs because the shingles are frequently looser or may have minor faults that the wind can blow into major concerns.

Snow adding weight on your roof

Snow accumulation on your roof can be a major issue, as we mentioned in the section on leaks. Even though this issue with your home’s roof is less often than a leak, you should nonetheless be aware of it. Your roof will be under more weight after a snowfall that it is not accustomed to. Your roof can collapse if the weight strains it beyond support, depriving you of the weatherproofing it offers.

Ice dams on your roof

An ice dam, for those of you who are unfamiliar, is a problem that develops when snow melts into the gutter and then re-freezes. The blocked gutter system prevents the melting snow from finding a way to escape your roof. However, the snow will still manage to get someplace, and that somewhere will probably be through your roof and into your house. Ice dams are more likely to form when the gutter system is already blocked.

Work with Charlotte’s top residential roofing experts

Winter weather can be challenging on your roof as it contends with the harsh elements to keep your household and personal items safe. Hire the top residential roofing experts in Charlotte NC for the best results.

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