Residential roofing contractors in Charlotte NC discuss siding repair

Residential roofing and exterior contractors in Charlotte, NC are also experts at sidings. Sidings also called wall clad, protect the exterior walls of your home from damages like breaks and cracks. But as they protect your walls from factors like moisture, insect damage, and severe weather conditions, stones, scratches, etc., they are exposed to the damages in return. This makes them vulnerable to damages too.

Damages like holes and dents are almost useless when it comes to protecting your exterior walls and they alter the aesthetics of your home, giving it an ugly look. When things like this occur, do not hesitate to contact a professional residential roofing company to fix any damages. Fixing your siding properly increases its lifespan.  In this article, we will give you tips on how to repair damaged siding.

How to repair damaged siding with a patch

There are different ways/methods of repairing a damaged siding. The matching method is best done for bigger holes or cracks. It can seem complicated for someone with little or no experience so always hire a professional to do the work.

  1. Clean up. the damaged area with some soap and water and let it dry under the sun for sometime
  2. Cut out a big portion from a scrap piece of fixing similar to the one already installed.
  3. Test the patch to see if it covers properly. If it doesn’t, try trimming down the edges till it fits properly.
  4. Apply some caulk to the back of the patch and a little at the surrounding areas. Place the patch on the hole or crack and hold it in place. Hold it till it sticks to the hold.
  5. Clean up any excess caulk that must have spilled, in the body of the siding, the floor, and so on.

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Although your siding acts as a protector to your exterior walls, it still needs to be maintained and inspected regularly in case of any damages that may occur. Clean your sidings once in a while so they don’t get overwhelmed by dirt or stains, thus causing discoloration.

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