Residential roofing expertise in Charlotte and Concord NC

Residential roofing projects come in various forms

Residential roofing needs to be done professionally for all homes in the Charlotte and Concord, NC areas. Roofing projects may come in different forms, but one thing is common for all of them—this type of work needs to be handled by an experienced roofer. There can be many consequences for taking shortcuts on this. We discuss some of the most common roofing needs you might have for your home and why the right contractor matters so much.

Common residential roofing projects

If you currently own a residential home or are in the process of buying one in Charlotte or Concord NC, you might find yourself in need of a residential roofer at one point or another. Having a functional and attractive roof is important for any homeowner, so you might need a professional to look or do some minor or major project on your roof.

Here are some of the most common projects when you might need roofing services:

  • When installing a new roof on a new building
  • When replacing an existing roof on a building
  • When your roof needs some repairs or renovations
  • When you need to add some roof accessories such as chimney caps
  • When you need an inspection or evaluation of your house or the house you intend to buy
  • When you are filling out an insurance claim for any form of roof damage

As you can see, there are so many different projects when you might need to call in a professional roofer. It takes a high level of experience and the requisite training and licensing to carry out all of this work.

The importance of professional residential roofing services

If you only have a minor roofing need, such as a few broken tiles, a small leak, or a need for a routine inspection, you might be tempted to do it on your own. Another option might be to call in a friend who knows a thing or two about roofs. While being hands-on and resourceful is most often a good thing, it is also essential to call in outside expertise when it is needed.

There are a few things you will not have to worry about when you use a professional service for all your roofing service requirements:

  • You will not have to worry about bad recommendations.
  • You will not have a half-done job.
  • You will not have to get a repair or replacement job done anytime soon.

Charlotte’s #1 company for residential roofing

There is so much peace of mind when you talk to a company that has been in the roofing business for many years. Advanced Roofing and Exteriors offers commercial roofing and residential roofing services to Charlotte NC and surrounding areas. Give us a call today to discuss your roofing project with a professional.