Residential roofing experts in Charlotte explain how to keep your roof cool

Residential roofing experts help you keep your roof and home cool

Residential roofing experts in Charlotte understand the challenge one experiences with excessive heat. Despite the fact that Fall is approaching, the temperatures are not yet prepared to decrease. I’m sure you’ve noticed an increase in your energy expenses as the temperature keeps rising. Did you know that your roof may help carry the load when your air conditioner is working overtime to keep you as cool as possible throughout the Summer? When you start to perspire, you might be quick to blame your air conditioner, but your roof might also be to blame! But it does not need to. The four ways your roof may keep you cool during these hotter months are listed below.


Your roof’s layers are separated by an air pocket created by insulation. It keeps the heat in your house over the winter, saving you a ton of heating expenditures. In the same vein, it prevents hot air from the outside from entering your home. A poorly insulated roof can end up costing you money since cold air from your air conditioner can leave your house far more easily than it can stay inside. To receive a thorough roof check, you must hire a professional roofer.


Darker hues are more likely to draw sunlight and absorb heat, as you’ve undoubtedly understood since you were a child. Due to its reflecting qualities, a white roof can cut cooling expenses by up to 40% in hotter climates. This is crucial since your roof is continually exposed to direct sunshine, which raises the temperature both there and within your house.

Roof pitch

Your home will retain less heat if the roof is steeper. Not only does this increase your home’s energy efficiency, but it also often lasts longer and needs less care than a flat roof. Although there are apparent restrictions on how steep your roof can be, any qualified roofing contractor will be pleased to go over the benefits and drawbacks of each roof pitch in order to choose the one that is ideal for your requirements.

Roof repairs

If your roof isn’t functioning properly, your energy expenditures are probably higher than they need to be. In addition, your home probably isn’t as comfy as it may be for you. A correctly built roof will have a seal that stops both the cooler air from departing and the hot air from entering your home. Your roof should be one of the first things you inspect to make sure there are no problems.

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Keeping your roof cool in the hot months can save energy bills by reducing AC use. Work with the best residential roofing experts in Charlotte NC for the best results.

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