Residential roofing experts in Charlotte NC explain the components of a good roof

Residential roofing professionals make sure you end up with a great roof

Residential roofing experts in Charlotte NC cover your roof repair and replacement services. A proper roof protects you from the harsh weather elements, keeping you and your family safe.

Most people see the roof and imagine it is a single component placed over their house. In truth, a roof is a combination of multiple elements that come together to create a robust structure that you can trust to shield you from rains and withstand storms. The different roof components are not always visible, but they serve a critical role in maintaining the whole structure’s integrity.

Here are the different components that are included in your residential roof.


Shingles are common for residential roofing, and they come in many styles and colors to match the client’s tastes and preferences. However, asphalt shingles are the most commonly used options in the market.

Experts place the shingles alongside each other to look like slates. The option you settle on must be one that can match the strips and aesthetics for a unique pattern on your roof.

Shingles are durable and can last for years, but they need constant maintenance. Inspect the roof regularly to check for loose, warped, and missing shingles and have them replaced.

Roofing underlayments

It is common to use various underlayments underneath shingles to improve the functionality of your roof. However, experts settle for quality grade underlayments to make sure your roof’s integrity stays intact.

There are several underlayment options, each having different functions. First, you can have insulation to prevent heat loss and gain through the roof. It is also necessary for preventing ice dams on the roof in winter. You can also look for underlayments to prevent roof leaks that can cause water damage in the home. The water-resistant layer takes care of any water or air leaks that go past the shingles.


Accessories on your roof are added to add comfort in the home and better functionality to the roof. There are limitless accessory options depending on the different options with durable choices. Therefore, it is important to find a top accessory to serve your home while offering the same level of protection.

Some common accessories are;

  • Vents – intake and exhaust options to allow airflow into the home.
  • Gutters – to direct rainwater from the roof down into the downspouts and into the drainage.
  • Flashing – to boost the curb appeal and prevent water backup.

The most experienced residential roofing experts guarantee top results

The different roofing components come together to offer you a functional roof. It is important that you get residential roofing experts to handle the job for you to enjoy top results.

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