Residential roofing in Charlotte, NC and how to insulate it

Advice on insulation for residential roofing

residential roofing

Charlotte, NC isn’t the coldest place to spend the winter, but it’s chilly enough that a little insulation under your residential roofing can help save you a lot on heating bills. This insulation is usually put either under the roof or under the floor of the attic.

First, make sure your roof doesn’t leak. Insulation stops working when it gets wet. Once you’ve established that, the big question is what you do with your attic. If your attic is a part of your living space — that is, if it is meant to be habitable — you need to insulate the underside of the roof and keep your attic at a constant temperature.

If, on the other hand, your attic is a storage space, you should think of your attic floor as a second roof. Insulate it to keep warm air from leaking into the attic, and make your attic is well ventilated, so that it’s as cold as the air outside. Put a layer of loose fill or batts (rolls of insulation) under the floorboards. You can use fiberglass, recycled cellulose, recycled cotton or mineral wool for this. Mineral wool is expensive, but very fire-resistant.One useful thing to do is put a layer of polyethylene sheeting under it. This keeps air and moisture from coming up into the attic to damage your residential roofing.

When you work with fiberglass or other forms of insulation, you should wear a dust mask, goggles and gloves.Don’t stand on one joist when you do it — stand on a piece of plywood resting on at least three of the joists.

When snow builds up on your residential roofing

If you put insulation on your roof, it should be not just heatproof, but evenly heatproof. When the snow comes down in earnest, what you don’t want is to have part of your residential roofing heated to above freezing while the rest of it is still ice-cold. That would create an ice dam on your roof where snow could build up and water could pool. This is especially a problem on low-slope roofs. Snow that lands on a low-slope roof in Concord, NC tends to stay on rather than sliding off.

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