Residential roofing: Maintaining gutters and downspouts in Charlotte NC

Residential roofing contractors, in Charlotte NC, show residents how to effectively clean and maintain their gutters. We all know what a drainage system is and the benefits of having a functional one. But irrespective of the one you have, if it isn’t properly maintained, it won’t function properly. A poorly functional drainage system would only end up causing more harm than good as debris and dirt clog the drains and cause water to accumulate which would slowly destroy the structure of the house till it gets too weak and crumbles to the ground.

A gutter is a type of drainage system that collects water from the roof and allows the water to flow downwards and away from the building’s foundation. Gutters work together with a downspout to carefully remove all the water from your roof. Taking care of your roof’s drainage system — gutters and downspouts — you extend the life of your roof.

Cleaning and maintaining your gutter

1. Inspect the gutter

The first step is inspecting your gutter and taking notes of any faults, clogs, leaking parts, and loose joints. Flush a bucket of water down the drainage system. If the water flows straight down without any interruption, then it is good to go. But if it takes a while to totally flow down or it doesn’t flush down or it leaks at the side. It means that there is a problem that needs immediate fixing.

Rust can cause a leak. When the metal rusts and is still not maintained, it causes leak holes. Also, leaves, branches, and debris that flowed from the roof can clog the drainage system. So, you have to clean it up.

2. Clean! Clean!! Clean!!!

Now you have checked out the drainage system, it’s time to clean it out. Get a vacuum or a handheld blower to pull out any debris that might have formed in the drain. This is best on dry days when the leaves are not dry and loose.

3. Make the necessary repairs

After de-clogging and cleaning out the gutters and downspouts, you can now make the necessary repairs. If there are no leakages or broken parts, you are good to go. But if there is, you would have to repair them with a gutter-patching kit.

Apply gutter cement or roof cement to the leaking holes. Replace damaged gutter sections with new ones. You might need to contact a professional roofing company for that.

4. Install gutter guards

To make sure that your gutter is kept clean and repaired, install a metal gutter screen or aluminum gutter guard so that debris won’t clog the gutter anymore. Gutter guards stretch across the width of the gutter, thus allowing water to pass through and pushing leaves to the other side.

Residential roofing experts in Charlotte NC

A drainage system says a lot about the future of your roof. If you have a busy schedule and don’t have the luxury of time to thoroughly clean out and maintain your gutter, contact a professional roofing contractor that also offers services on drainage systems.

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