Residential roofing requires specific insulation in Charlotte, NC

Residential roofing advice on insulation

Residential roofing advice

Concord, NC homes need attic insulation not just to hold heat in, but to protect residential roofing. Low-slope roofs are especially hard to protect because water and snow are so slow to slide off them.They are often hit with a combination of snow piling up above and warm air from blow. If the ceiling leaks air, warm air rises up into the attic. There it hits the cold roof, cools down and leaves a layer of moisture on the underside of the roof. It doesn’t take long for this layer of moisture to start damaging the structure of your residential roofing.

So unless you’re using your attic as a living space, you need to make sure your roof is well-ventilated, but your attic floor is airtight. That way, cold, dry air will circulate from the outside through your attic, but warmer air won’t rise up from the rest of your house. Cupola or doghouse vents in the top of the residential roofing and other vents around the perimeter will ventilate your roof.

Sealing up your attic

To find the leaks in your attic floor, use a window fan to blow air into your house while the other windows and doors are closed. Then go up into the attic and feel for a draft. (The best time to do this is before the weather gets any colder.) Drafts in Concord, NC homes are most often found around light fixtures and plumbing. A layer of polyethylene sheeting under the insulation will do a lot to protect your residential roofing from warm, most air.

If you don’t need your attic for storage, pull up the floorboards and add an extra layer of insulation. This is usually in the form of loose fill or batts (rolls) of fiberglass, recycled cellulose, recycled cotton or mineral wool. Mineral wool is expensive, but it’s far more fire-resistant than cotton or cellulose. Wear a dust mask, goggles and gloves when installing insulation, especially fiberglass. Make sure it doesn’t come in contact with the underside of the roof. Don’t try to balance on a joist — instead, stand on a sheet of plywood that rests on at least three joists.

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