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Residential roofing has different types of roofing, you might be torn between options, whether or not to get an Asphalt roof shingle, slate roofs or you might even be considering slate tiles. You might also be worried about the design, durability, style, how it should look, and other issues.

Be it roofing of a new home, a roof repair or even a roof replacement will have to consider the roofing tiles and design as the very first step.

Residential roofing contractors should be your plug for details and options on roofing. Continue reading this article as we take you through roofing designs and systems that fit your style and match your taste.

Types of residential roofing

There are different types of roofing that homeowners can consider and later choose from, few of them are;

Asphalt shingles

Residential roofing materials mostly used in the United States of America since 1903 are asphalt shingles. Asphalt shingles have proven to be a durable and reliable roofing material. Asphalt shingles are cheap and relatively simple to install.  Also, Asphalt shingles have the capability of staying for up to twenty years or more.  They are made up of organic and Fiberglass and are resistant to wind and hail damage, they also provide additional waterproofing support for homes.

Slate shingles

Residential roofing also uses slate shingles as roofing materials. Slate shingle is an upscale type of roofing material, they are made from concrete and provide homes with resistance to rot and fire outbreaks. They are also very easy in maintaining and can last up to a hundred years.

Metal roofs

Metal roofs have been still trending around the world. Residential roofing has seen the use of metal roofs double in the last few years. Metal shingles have low maintenance levels, they are environmentally friendly, durable, and have a long-lasting life span of up to fifty years. The installation of Metal roofs requires expertise, so hiring a roofing company will be a wise choice.

Clay tiles

Residential roofing employs the use of clay tiles as a roofing material.  clay materials are manufactured by baking molded clay.  Clay tiles are fireproof and resistant to fading. Clay tiles are also appealing to the eyes when used for roofing.

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