Top reasons for Charlotte NC residential roofing failures.

Do you worry your roof may leaf this winter?

Residential roofing worries can hit every owner of a house at some stage. Either seeing or hearing dripping water can be one of those things that puts dread into anyone.

This fear is even worse if you have not long had a roof replacement. How can your new roof be leaking so soon? Here we look at a few reasons why this can happen.

The workmanship from a roofer in Concord NC is poor

No one wants to say a professional roofing company is bad at what they do. The industry can have a poor reputation from the roofing companies who do carry out inferior work. Unfortunately, this does happen with residential roofing projects.

When a new roof is installed, it isn’t as easy as Charlotte’s best roofing contractors make it appear. If you have shingles, and these don’t line up correctly, or there is a nail hole where there shouldn’t be, it can lead to water leaks. These may not be apparent in drier weather, yet as soon as you get rain, then the water easily finds its way into any gap or crack.

Flashings are not fitting correctly

When local Charlotte NC roof installers use flashing systems, these are to protect the most vulnerable areas of your roof. If these are not in the correct position, or the top edge doesn’t connect to the wall in a sealed way, then wind and rain can work its way inside.

In many cases on residential roofing, you can’t see this from the ground, and once water gets inside, this runs down the inside of the roof to find the lowest part. A drip or leak can be in a very different area to where you see the damage.

Lack of roof ventilation from your residential roofing system

As much as roofs need to be watertight so they can fend off the worst of the bad weather, there has to be sufficient ventilation as well. Attics have to be able to breathe and take in air while at the same time being able to exhaust any stale air.

If there is insufficient ventilation, then several things can happen:

  • Condensation leads to a buildup of moisture. The result being mold and mildew. This causes health issues. You can find your new roof rotting if this isn’t spotted and treated.
  • Attics can be colder than they ought to be. Besides, in the summer, your attic can face increased temperatures. This will lead to an increase in heating and cooling bills throughout the year.
  • Shingle roofs in Charlotte NC face premature ageing as a result. This means your new roof will need work much sooner than it should.

What can I do to sure these Charlotte NC roofing issues?

While it can be easy to point the finger at a roofing company, it isn’t always their fault. There can be a failure in the materials, or part of the roof structure fails for another reason.

Nevertheless, if you make sure you are using one of Charlotte’s best roofing companies, you will have plenty of back-ups to make sure you have cover for every eventuality. With the best roofing materials, the best roof installer, and your residential roofing project will last for years.

To be sure you have the right residential roofing company, contact Advanced Roofing and Exteriors. They have all the skills and experience in every facet of residential and commercial roofing. You can also feel safe with a regular roof inspection to prolong the life of your roof, no matter what material it is made from.