What are my residential roofing options in Charlotte NC?

residential roofingWhat options do I have for my roofing?

Residential roofing does provide many options for homeowners in Charlotte NC. These need to deliver value for money, durability and need to increase curb appeal. Materials options open are rolled roofing, asphalt, metal roofing, cedar shakes and slate tiles.

If you are pondering over roof designs, materials, read on, and you will find all you need to know.

Asphalt roof installations by Concord NC roofing contractors

Asphalt is the most popular roofing material. These come as shingles, which are the more durable and affordable options homeowners can choose.

You can see them in every area, because they blend with nearly every style of home. Asphalt shingles last between 20 to 50 years. This depends on weather, maintenance and the manufacturer.

Darker shakers may fade with the harsh sun, so they are not always the best options.  Cheaper brands are prone to this and cracking, but decent Charlotte NC residential roofing companies stay away from cheaper products when they care about their reputation.

Rolled roofing isn’t often installed by Charlotte’s best roofing contractors

Rolled roofing comes in horizontal sheets. It is thin and because of this, the least expensive and durable. It is the least attractive method, and luckily, it is not a common roofing material.

Rolled roofing is appropriate for outdoor buildings and sheds because it can last as little as 5 to 8 years.

Local roofing companies love cedar shakes

Cedar shakes deliver an exclusive appearance. They are durable, but they command a high price. You will also need regular maintenance to prevent loose shingles or mold becoming problematic.

Like steel roofs, cedar shake residential roofing can last up to 60 years. Over time, they weather and change color.

Charlotte NC homes with slate tiles

Slate tiles are the most expensive and most durable roofing material. These are like thin slabs of rock sat on your roof. This takes the skills of local roofing contractors to install or repair, however, you can expect these to last 100 years plus.

Metal Roofing for Charlotte NC homes

Metal roofing comes in long sheets or as metal tiles. Depending on style, the price can be affordable or more expensive than common asphalt shingles. 

High quality residential roofing installation and metal roof repair requires roofing contractor skills. 

Metal roofing can fade over time, and will need periodic repainting and possible resealing. 

One downside of steel roofs is noise because this can carry into the home. When correctly installed, you can expect metal roofs to last 40 years plus. 

Choosing your roofing options in Charlotte NC

Residential roofing comes with plenty of options, but not all these are suitable for every home. If you are unsure which roofing type can match your home, you will need the help of one of Charlotte’s best roofing companies.

To make the entire process run smooth from finding the right roof type, to having the best installation possible, you can contact Advanced Roofing and Exteriors and the helpful professionals will help you decide, and will also explain in detail more pros and cons of each type of roof material.