What type of sidings are on residential roofs Charlotte NC?

Residential roofsWhat are the common types of sidings?

Residential roofcompanies in Charlotte NC often replace sidings. Many individuals know there is aluminum and vinyl, but there are in fact several more. These include: Brick, fiber cement, wood, steel and the aluminum and vinyl.

If you need new sidings, be sure to read below and see what the differences are between each.

Vinyl sidings in Charlotte NC

Vinyl sidings are the leader with around 30% of the market on new home installations. Vinyl is attractive, highly durable and comes with many color options. It is a firm favorite with budget-conscious homeowners.

Vinyl has many profiles. There is horizontal, vertical, Dutch lap, shakes, shingle, beaded and board n batten, plus many other types of design.

Metal sidings installed by Charlotte’s best roofing companies

While aluminum is fading as a siding material in residential roofing. Steel is becoming popular when the building is retro styled or modern. Aluminum is used on coastal homes because it doesn’t rust, and steel is used in areas which may be prone to hail.

Wood sidings in residential roof contracts

Wood sidings add natural & beautiful exteriors. As itages,it will change its natural colors. There are a few you can choose from such as redwood, fir, cedar, spruce and pine. Aside from this, there are texture profiles you can choose from.

This material is often used by homeowners who are after a traditional looking home. It is timeless compared to other materials, and when installed correctly, it can last a long time. One significant benefit of wood sidings is that a roof repair company can change a small section rather than needing to change full panels.

Roofer contractors love fiber cement sidings

These are not as long lasting as some materials, but when installed on a Charlotte NC home, they can appear like wood. They also have less maintenance and don’t attract bugs and insects. Fiber cement is also fireproof so it won’t add to any buildup of fire.

The most significant downsides are it takes more people to install and costs two or three times as much compared to vinyl.

Brick Sidings make your home very different

Brick sidings will make any home look different, and it is one of the few materials that will last a lifetime. You can use either veneers or real stone for your sidings, but not every home is suitable for this type. Over time, it will require the mortar joints to be filled.

This is another type of siding which isn’t to be repainted, but there are many types of colors from the different stones you can choose.

Charlotte NC roofing companies are professional siding installers

The above sidings all vary in characteristics and cost. Not only this but installation time can be far longer for something like stone compared to vinyl. A lot will depend on the type of home you live in, to what will look good, even with Charlotte’s best roofing contractors some materials take time to work with.

If you are in need of siding replacement, or you are looking at having new sidings fitted, you can contact Advanced Roofing and Exteriors and the professional team can run through all your options. If budget is an issue, they can show where you can make changes with these types of sidings, or recommend other options that will still transform your home, but for a fraction of the cost.