What will affect Charlotte NC residential roofing?

Are you a Charlotte NC homeowner with shingle roof?

Residential roofing services can be an assurance to homeowners. If you are one of the many homeowners who have shingle roof on your home, then you might ask how long a shingle roof last or when you need to have the roof replaced. While the shingles can last very long it is not so for the weatherproof membrane under them which eventually deteriorate overtime.

A good general rule is, without serious damage, houses with shingle roof on them should be free of leaks until they are approximately twenty-five to thirty years old from date of installation. If you would like to learn how you can prolong the use of your roof, read on.

Charlotte’s best roofing companies can extend roof life

Is it possible to lengthen the life of a Charlotte NC shingle roof and decrease the chances of leakage? One of our best recommendations is an annual roof inspection by a residential roofing contractor.

At this time, qualified residential roofers will spot any weaknesses so that preventive maintenance can be done. It is also far cheaper than waiting until you require a replacement roof due to leaks or conditions you have suffered and have neglected.

How will local residential roofers in Charlotte NC check shingles?

Good residential roofing contractors will perform the following checks on a roof. The real stages may differ slightly because these roof repair contractors must follow strict safety procedures.

  1. Walk around the house and visually check the eaves and fascia boards. See if there are signs of rot or water damage.
  2. Check gutter for debris
  3. Check all the valleys of the roof; if there is debris, this can lead to leaks
  4. Check the flashing around chimney stacks
  5. Check for slipped tiles

A professional roof inspection is detailed, and a local Charlotte roof installer will give all the shingles a thorough check before issuing their report. This can be the time, when a residential roofing contractor delivers bad news, or they tell you your roof is in good condition.

Should a local roofing contractor check the roof on your Charlotte NC home?

This time of year can be an excellent time for Charlotte’s best contractors to look at your roof. Bad weather can be just around the corner and sometimes if there are still no visible problems with the roof, many homeowners think they don’t have a problem with the roof.

This can be deceptive and they only find out there is a problem when the water gushes through misplaced shingles. If you want to be at the head of the game, now is the time to contact Advanced Roofing and Exteriors so they can give your roof a thorough residential roofing check and make sure it doesn’t require extensive work.