Can a Charlotte NC roofing contractor do roof inspections?

Are you looking to buy a new home?

Get a Charlotte NC roofing contractor when you are looking to purchase a new home. Everything may look nice and clean, yet it isn’t possible to check the condition of the roof from the ground. Even in the attic may not lead to hidden issues you may face.

A roof inspection is strongly advised when you are purchasing a home, and a good roofer will step around the roof to do a close-up inspection. Here are some things they will review so that you understand what they are talking about when they give their report.

Is there more than one layer of shingles on the roof?

A second layer of shingles may be under the roof that no one can see from the ground. You will find some manufacturers will not guarantee second layers of shingles. You can find this is masking other issues such as bad plywood or flashing systems.

When replacing roofs, two or more layers of roofing shingles will usually increase the cost from the Concord, NC roofing contractor, since there is more debris on the roof to dispose of.

Can the Charlotte’s best roofing contractors find soft spots?

The soft spots on the roof area are where plywood is rotting. Decaying plywood occurs when excessive moisture reaches the plywood over a period. In the simplest sense, wet plywood means your roof leaks.

Flashing that leaks can also lead to these issues, so it will take the keen eye of your Charlotte NC roofing contractor to spot these areas.

What is the condition of the pipe collars and sheathing?

If exhaust pipes are jutting from your roof, these are often for exhausting gas. On the bottom of these, there are rubber seals, which stop water running around the base of the pipe. Rubber can crack and corrode from strong sun, and small cracks are enough to let water penetrate.

The sheathing is visible by a roofing contractor from inside the attic. On the base of the roof, you can see plywood, and this is most common. In older homes, they may use cedar shakes. These shakes will require removal as there is no surface that can take nails. It costs more to replace this kind of roof when you have an issue.

Can your Charlotte NC roof installer confirm shingles are a good age?

Shingles only last a specific amount of time. This can be prolonged by a couple of years, yet there is a certain age when it isn’t worth carrying out roof repairs with your local roofing contractor.

When purchasing a home, shingles are one indication of the condition of the roof. The last thing you want is to find your new home needs several thousand spending on it to have a new roof you thought was good.

Before signing anything to do with a new home. Get the help of Charlotte’s best roofing companies, Advanced Roofing, and Exteriors. They can give the roof a check to make sure you are not overpaying.  You may even find you have something to bargain with if there are problems found.