Do I need Charlotte roof repair contractors if I see no damage?

Are you sure recent storms in Charlotte NC didn’t affect your roof?

You can call roof repair contractors out after a storm. However, this doesn’t mean a storm will affect the roof of every home in the state. Although, when it takes place, it isn’t just in the Charlotte NC region. There can be various roofing companies in Concord NC contacted for the same roofing issues induced by storms closer to home.

If you wish to learn how heavy winds can disturb your home, here are some information, which can benefit you to figure out why it is imperative to have a great roof.

Charlotte’s best roofing companies use quality materials

Manufacturers carry out many tests in the development of their roofing materials. While they need to be sure no rain can penetrate, they also need to be sure their roofing materials can withstand heavy winds, such as the recent Charlotte, NC storms.

They perform uplift tests to see what force their roofs can withstand in the case of storms. The airbag test, as they call it, has an inflatable bag under the roof, which they fill with air. By doing so, they can see what limits the roofing materials become dislodged, including the roof deck.

Tests like these replicate uplift pressures produced by real wind. They measure these pressures and calculate back to wind speeds. Roof repair contractors rely on these to choose their materials.

Manufacturers test results and Charlotte NC roof repair contractors

Roof repair contractors look beyond experiments utilizing their skill. They learn how wind can disturb a roof. Here are a few things roofers learn how a roof can behave in the wind:

  1. Is the roof held together using sealants? How feasible is it the adhesives will break down over their life?
  2. Do weight and gravity pressure maintain roof boards in the same manner as tile roofs?
  3. Do panels interlace with each other?
  4. How do the fasteners of the roof system work?
  5. Do the fasteners maintain the roof system under intense uplift pressures?

Contacting residential roofing contractors in Charlotte NC

The construction of roofing bears on roof performance. If the roof comes under pressure from storms, it’s not just missing shingles or tiles, but the entire structure can move around. 

Correct roof installation is vital, and if roofing materials are not installed properly, it can leave gaps and where the wind is funneled in. Because of this, it is essential to make sure you have Charlotte’s best roofing Contractors, Advanced Roofing and Exteriors checking your roof is installed correctly.

If you need a sensible trustworthy opinion on your home, and if the storms have affected the underlying structure. Contact Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, and the professional roof repair contractors can run through what can affect your home, and deliver the best advice on which way to go after surveying your home’s roof.