Charlotte’s roof installer explains types of asphalt shingles

Charlotte’s roof installer can guide you to the ideal shingles

Charlotte’s roof installer recommends that homeowners take the time to understand various asphalt shingles before deciding. The roofing industry introduced advanced asphalt roofing products about thirty years ago. It brought a new dawn with simple installation, less maintenance, affordability, and a dramatic look that works perfectly with various house designs. If you’re looking for roofing supplies in Charlotte, asphalt shingles would be a great replacement for your existing roof.

Why asphalt shingles?

They are unique compared to wood shake shingles and clay shinglesWhile other roofing options utilize a single material, asphalt shingles comprise mineral granules, asphalt, and fiberglass or cellulose mat.

Types of asphalt shingles

The features and differences of these shingles are undoubtedly less interesting than the two major factors: cost and outlook. But they are necessary to arrive at the best roofing material for your home.

  1. Strip shingles

The strip or three-tab shingle is the most basic in the list. It is made from a single layer of asphalt and has a flat appearance. It also weighs less as it features one layer and is the most affordable asphalt shingle. Strip shingles were in high demand before the 1980s, when designer shingles were yet to be introduced. Today, most opt for other options unless they are replacing old strip shingles or putting up affordable homes.

  1. Dimensional shingles

It is also known as laminate shingles and is the most predominant asphalt shingle. It stands out for its close resemblance to wood shake and natural slate roofs. It also features a thick and multi-dimensional appearance, thanks to the make-up of two or more layers. It is an excellent choice for something heavier and well-built than strip shingles. Its better warranty is also attractive.

  1. Luxury shingles

Making sure that your custom home is made of quality materials, from the flooring to the roof, may require these high-quality laminated shingles. Luxury shingles beat their dimensional counterparts with their dramatic look and great functionality. These robust and sturdy shingles also characterize different colors and dimensionality. They are also attractive with the best representation of classical wood shake and qualified slate roofing. It is undoubtedly a worthwhile investment with assured decades of protection.

Benefits of asphalt shingles

  1. It has a wide selection of textures and shingle styles and can look like slate, wood, or cedar.
  2. It is resistant to algae.
  3. It provides good value for money with affordability and many pricing options.
  4. It has a longer lifespan than many products in the market.
  5. It is resistant to extreme weather conditions.
  6. It features energy efficiency to keep any home cool during the summer. 
  7. It is fire-resistant and ideal for areas prone to wildfires.
  8. It is easy to install and repair and requires low maintenance.
  9. It is available in a wide array of colors to meet your specific needs.

Choose Charlotte’s roof installer

Replacing the roof is an unattractive process but one that must feature the best decisions. While starting with the best roofing materials is great, choosing Charlotte’s best roof installer is even more crucial. High-quality materials are pointless when they meet poor installation skills. Advanced Roofing and Exteriors offers commercial roofing and residential roofing services to Charlotte, NC, and surrounding areas.