Roof installer in Charlotte explains some of the common roof types

A roof installer in Charlotte can help you get a roof option that you deserve

Roof installer in Charlotte considers the home’s architecture when determining the type of roof to go for. There are different roof options that you can choose for your construction. In most instances, the choice of roof you settle for determines the benefits you enjoy, so it is advisable to take your time.

The disparity in roofing options is often a result of the design, shapes, and styles. Roofs make up a significant part of the exterior appeal of the home, but you need to ensure it is also functional. Your top-rated roof installer in Charlotte, NC, discusses some of the best roof types you can consider for your home.

Below is an outline of the most common roof types you can use.

Flat roofs

These are the most common roofing options today as more homeowners adopt their use. Like the name gives away, flat roofs appear flat but feature a slight slope to drain correctly.

The flat roofs are perfect for residential and commercial properties since they remain functional all year round. They are also a viable option for people with limited resources since they require fewer materials. An added advantage is that they take up minimal space, allowing you to have more outdoor space for other constructions like patios.

Gable roofs

 Gabled roofing is among the most popular options in American homes, distinguishable thanks to its triangular shape. Gable roofs are easy to build, meaning they are cheaper to install.

The stand-out benefits include ease of shedding snow and ice during the winter. Their design offers some more room in the house and also betters the ventilation. You can also choose various roofing materials, including shingles, tiles, and asphalt, for a great outcome.

Mansard roof

Another attractive roof option that most people settle for is the mansard roof which originates from France but is equally common in the US. It mainly features four sides with two slopes on each side.

Mansard roofs are often steeper, allowing for better roof draining ability. The steep nature also allows the homeowner to use the attic since there is more living space. As a result, one can fetch a reasonable time and, in essence, create some impressive additions.

Hip roof

This roof features four sloped sides and is preferable for Americans who live in windy areas. The four sides are perfect for offering stability to the structure. The main benefit of hip roofs is that they are easy to construct and are durable, offering the owner value for money.

Hire your roof installer in Charlotte for the best results 

Installing a roof is no mere feat and can be a massive challenge for novices. You must choose a roof that works for your home and offers a unique finish. Working with the best roof installer in Charlotte ensures you enjoy top results.

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