Roof installer in Charlotte NC explains critical signs of hail damage

Roof installer checks through all the signs of hail damage before handling repairs

Roof installer in Charlotte NC understands the damage that a hailstorm can cause on your roof. Most of the damage can be minor problems to the roof but if the hailstorm is extensive, these damages can become more serious. It is necessary to get the best experts on the job to handle the repair works in the best way.

Some of the factors that affect the amount of hail damage on your house include;

  • Age of your roof – older roofs have less tolerance for a hailstorm and will often have more damage. The roof’s ability to protect the commercial structure can impact the damage that the hailstorm will often cause.
  • Roofing materials – The type of roof you work with can determine the amount of damage you get. Sturdier roofs often experience mild damage.
  • Wind – Wind coupled with hailstones can cause so much damage to the roofing systems
  • Hailstone size – Bigger hailstones are able to cause more damage to your roof. Their speed and intensity increase the force with which they land on the roof, causing dents.
  • Barriers – Objects such as trees close to the house or awnings absorb most of the blunt force from the hail. This mitigates the amount of damage and blunt force from the hailstones.

The roofing experts start by looking at the different signs of hail damage, including:

You might not see the effects of a hailstorm until you climb a ladder and take a bird’s eye perspective. Damaged gutters will highlight the impact of a hailstorm. After a hailstorm, you should search for large dents, but don’t forget that smaller, pock-mocked indentations will also indicate that the gutter has been harmed by hail.

Hail damage will show up as dents and dings that weren’t there before the storm, which can be seen on damaged siding and windowsills. Look for holes in the metal siding and windowsills since if you don’t fix them, water will enter via these openings.

A visual inspection will reveal damage to decks and painted wood surfaces. The paint where the hailstones have impacted will be stripped from that location, giving painted surfaces and decks the appearance of having a polka dot pattern.

Look for damage to other elements like a skylight or roof vents. If the hailstorm was particularly bad, your skylight may reveal cracks as well as a depression where the hailstones made contact with the vents. Once the vent is dented, it may crack, creating another water entrance point similar to a skylight that has cracked.

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Hail damage can affect your roof’s integrity, so you should find professionals to fix it. Work with the best roof installer in Charlotte NC for the best results.

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