Roof installer in Charlotte NC explains the dangers of living in a home during reroofing

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A common question most people have is, “Can I live in my house during roof replacement?”

The answer is Yes, but experts do not recommend it; there are many safety hazards during roof replacement. Instead, the best move would be to move your household and pets to a safer location until the job is complete.

This article focuses on the dangers your family and pets would be exposed to by staying home during reroofing.

Noise pollution

While handling roof repairs and replacements, the experts have to use hammers and other materials that can cause noise. Noise from all the activities can be distracting from ordinary activities in the house. In some cases, it can be unbearable, causing problems such as headaches.

Rethinking the living arrangements for the time the reroofing will go on can be helpful. For example, you can comfortably continue with your work from a separate location and return home when the job is complete.

Danger from falling items

This is the biggest problem and safety concern for your family when reroofing. Falling shingles or tools can inflict injuries on anyone at the receiving end. The problem extends to the debris, causing more injuries from slips and falls.

Roofing contractors have to make the site as safe as possible, so they recommend wearing hard hats while on the construction site. Wearing such hats can be uncomfortable, so finding an area away from the project to remain safe would be better.

It is stressful

Not everyone is comfortable seeing their roof being taken apart. Also, micromanaging the project can affect the reroofing outcome negatively, so you should leave the job to experts.

Avoid the stress by picking another location to wait until the job is done. You will find the roof all fixed and looking appealing instead of stressing yourself with the details.

Air pollution

Construction works like roof replacements cause dust in the home. When breathed in, such dust can cause huge respiratory issues that will require medical attention. However, you can avoid the dust by staying away from the construction site.

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Staying away from the house while roof replacement is ongoing can help you remain safe and stress-free. Expert roofers take care of the project in your absence, making sure everything is well fixed. Work with the best roof installer in Charlotte NC, for top results.

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