Charlotte’s top roof installer explains why roof cleaning is necessary

A roof installer can help you clean your roof to retain its appearance and functionality

Charlotte’s top roof installer understands the dream of every homeowner to maintain a sturdy roof. Your tile roof may start to develop streaks over time. These streaks might not concern you at first because they are usually rather faint. Even if you don’t find the streaks repulsive, they are a surefire indication that your tile roof requires cleaning. Lack of maintenance has other negative effects on your home’s curb appeal in addition to darker algae streaks. Your roof’s lifespan is also shortened, and its energy efficiency is diminished.

Tile roofs are strong, safe, and attractive, yet algae can grow on them. Algae, in addition to any other material like leaves, dirt, and road dust, are removed during a roof cleaning. There are three main justifications for why cleaning the roof is required.

Improved roof lifespan

You obviously don’t want to have to replace your roof earlier than necessary because a new roof is a significant expense. Your tile roof’s lifespan might be doubled with regular cleaning. Your tile roof will not last as long as it should if regular cleaning and maintenance are not performed. You can increase the lifespan of your roof by up to two times by getting it cleaned.

Naturally, it’s crucial to ensure that your roof cleaning crew employs delicate methods like the soft wash procedure roofers employ. Power washing the tile has the potential to etch it, remove sealants, increase its porosity, and ultimately make things worse.

Enhances roof appearance

Few things are more lovely than a spotless tile roof. You or a neighbor can fully appreciate the tile hues when gazing up at your clean roof. Your roof may need to be kept clean if you are a member of an HOA. Maintaining a clean roof helps keep you and your neighbors happy.

Curb appeal is important if you ever decide to sell your house. Buyers want a house that is just as beautiful on the exterior as it is inside, and a clean roof definitely gives off the feeling of being well-maintained. With a clean roof, you’ll have an easier time selling your house and you can increase your asking price.

You maintain energy-efficient roofs

When they are first erected, tile roofs are incredibly energy-efficient, but you must maintain them well if you want them to stay that way. Regular roof maintenance will keep it in good condition and make sure that it continues to serve as a reliable partition between indoor and outdoor regions. Additionally, a roof with no streaks reflects more sunlight, which keeps your house cooler in the summer. It will be better for the environment and your budget if your air conditioner doesn’t have to run as frequently.

Work with Charlotte’s top roof installer

Roof cleaning helps maintain and improve property value and enhance appearance. Work with the best roof installer in Charlotte NC for the best results. Advanced Roofing and Exteriors offers commercial roofing and residential roofing services to Charlotte, NC, and surrounding areas.