Roof installers in Charlotte NC state the most common roof issues

A roof installer is a roof specialist and at some point, or another, many of us experience roof problems and should seek their expertise. Whether because of wear and tear from age or other damage, most times these issues are completely normal. But this doesn’t mean roof problems should be ignored. Working with an experienced roofing contractor is often your best bet to making sure your roof is in top condition.

Here are some roof issues you may encounter:

Roof leaks

Roof installers say that this is at the very top of the list: leaky roofs. This is often what most people discover at first. Water leaking from your ceiling and onto the ground is enough to make a damper for anyone. Generally, roof leaks are a result of built-up moisture in your roofs and openings that form on your roof from other damage and rotting.

Improper installation

Hard to believe, it does happen from time to time. When a roof is poorly or improperly installed, it leaves your roof vulnerable to larger damage and at a faster rate. At first sight, it can be tricky to differentiate a properly installed roof from one that’s not.

The best thing to do here is to have a knowledgeable assessment of your roof to confirm that it was absolutely well installed. If not, a roof installer can help with any roof repairs that will be needed.

Tree damage

Roof installers say that overgrown trees that often rub against a roof are an early death sentence for the roof. Not only can tree branches relax shingles and granules, but moisture from rain also tends to remain on the roof longer from dripping water.

One thing you don’t want on your roof is moisture build-up. The rationale is it can weaken the structure of the roof, creating mold, rotting, and plenty of other problems for your roof. The simplest thing to try to do here is to trim branches close to the roof to reduce possible damage.


With drastic changes in vasoconstrictor, this will actually cause your roof to contract. When it contracts, this is often also called shrinking. The matter is that when this happens, shingles can crack and even deteriorate over time.

Holes during a roof

Roof installers say that anything from severe damage, to hail and even animals on the roof can make it have some holes on the roof. Sometimes holes that form are obvious. But other times, it’s difficult to know and see.

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