A top roof installer understands what new roof installation entails

Roof installer, why do you need to hire one?

A roof installer can save you a lot of stress, waste, and time because a professional roofing company understands the process and steps involved in roof installation which ensure your new roof is properly installed. It’s always smart to request roofing price quotes from at least two pre-screened and licensed roofing companies before starting your project to get the best price. Also, check out their reviews. Sometimes the lowest price is not the best choice. Read the reviews and see what others are saying about the company. Here is a breakdown of the steps when your roofing contractor comes to install or replace your roof.

Roof installer process for new roofing material 

  • Remove the old roofing

Your roof installer will probably have to remove your old roof before the new roofing material is put in place. Many people often install multiple layers of roofing over one another to save time, but adding too many layers can lead to premature failure in your roof. The reason why a good roof installer will bring your old roof stopped down to the sheathing and rebuilt.

  • Evaluate the roof

After removing the old roof, evaluate the sheathing, a professional roof installer will look for any moist areas or trouble spots that will have to be replaced.  

  • Protect against ice

For those living in an area that’s prone to ice, it’s important to install an ice and water barrier around your roof. Your roof installer will ensure that this product goes on around the edges of the roof, but especially to the spots most prone to the buildup of ice. 

  • Sealing roof vents and pipes

Throughout the installation of your roof, there will be pipes and vents that need to be sealed.  A special rubber boot that simply slips over the protrusion is often used for the seal. A professional roof installer knows all that is needed to install a roof properly and also have it protected against ice, rain, etc…

Now that you have an idea of what goes into the roof installation process and how important it is to hire a professional to handle your new roof installation, you can now make a good decision. Finding a local roofing contractor is the next thing to do!

Best roof installer in Charlotte and Concord, NC

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