Can a Charlotte NC roof installer install flat roofs?

Why are there more than one flat roof designs?

A roof installer will be well acquainted with flat roofs along with any other type. A reliable one will tell you if one design is better than another is for your roof. These are often seen for commercial properties rather than homes, yet the questions to ask will all be the same.

By replacing a flat roof, there are many roofing materials available to Charlotte NC roofers so they can meet the demands of building owners. Here we will look at the types of materials available, and see how they to care for your commercial property.

Why have a flat roof in Concord NC?

There are several advantages to flat roofs, making them a better alternative for special constructions. The most significant buildings and those, which require regular foot traffic movement on the roof, are large. Flat roofs are lightweight, cheaper to install, and offer easy entry.

Notably, a flat roof is not flat. They lean to allow rain to drain. However, with gentler drainage than on roofs with a steeper slope, the majority of flat roofs require support to ensure that they maintain the roof materials watertight and are sealed to avoid leaks and damages to the underlying building.

Flat roofs require a thorough annual inspection by a reliable commercial roof installer to look for complications and resurface damaged areas from UV or moisture.

 A roof installer must understand all roofing types

The following are the primary types of flat roofing materials you can find.

  • PVC Membranes: Flexibility and easy to customize; these are placed on scrim fabrics and are a high strength polyester material which creates an adhered seal. They laminate these cloths onto thermoplastic UV-resistant PVC. They are light by nature and can fit over an existing roofing system.
  • BUR – Built-up Roof: These are more traditional and produced from hot tar and gravel. Three layers of waterproof fabric may be added. Then, on the top surface, the small gravel will be placed. The primary advantage of these roofs in Charlotte NC is they are affordable. The drawbacks are they stink, and are tricky to remove if you need more work.
  • Rubber Membranes: An EPDM roof is durable and lightweight. The only problem is they can be susceptible to puncture. These are also very troublesome to find after they happen. The materials are dark; and will soak up the Charlotte NC sun. The building may be warmer than necessary.
  • OPC: They are a mixture of various rubbers and are white. These will reflect the sun and maintain cooler buildings. They can adhere to these to the roof or fix them to a roof. This fabric has high flexibility while maintaining its shelf life. These are the new favorite of a roof installer who deals with them.

 Finding a good Charlotte NC roofing contractor

It can be hard finding a roof installer, which is capable of dealing with all manner of roofing materials. All it takes is some homework to sift through the many that can assist you.

Rather than spend hours sifting through all these companies, you can head straight to one of Charlotte’s best roofing companies. All you need to do is contact Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, and the pro staff can survey your flat roof and deliver the results of their findings.

You may find the solution is much more budget friendly than you assumed.