Finding a roof installer in Charlotte and Concord NC

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Charlotte and Concord NC roofing companies

If you are like me, you probably do not give very much thought to your roof, unless you happen to be a roof installer. The roof inconspicuously performs the task of protecting us from the elements, year in and year out. However, your roof requires regular inspection and attention, as roofing problems can lead to serious damage to your home, not to mention your bank account.

In the aftermath of the recent storms, hurricanes and other bad weather that the Charlotte area has experienced in the past few weeks, it is imperative to get your roof inspected and to make sure that there is not hidden damage. It pays to be cautious and make sure that your roof is fully weatherproofed as we head into a long cold, wet winter.

Roofing installers can help weatherproof your home

Calling one of the roofing companies in the Concord area, and scheduling an inspection is a wise move. A professional roofer knows exactly what to look for, be it missing shingles, damaged gutter fascia, or broken and blocked gutters. Hopefully your roof will be given a clean bill of health, but if not, they will be able to suggest a remedy so that your roof is fully prepared for whatever the winter months might bring.

Roof repairs can save you money. Faulty roof repairs are expensive and waste money, so make sure you choose a trustworthy roofing company. Good roofing companies in Charlotte or in Concord will be licensed and insured. Unfortunately roofing scams by unscrupulous fly-by-nights who knock on doors and claim to have spotted a broken shingle then take your money and run are all too common, and after the recent spell of bad weather, the opportunists will be out in force. Picking a local company that has been in business for a long time with great testimonials from customers is a very good start.

Trustworthy roofing installers in Charlotte and Concord NC

Advanced Roofing and Exteriors is a local family owned company serving residents in Charlotte and surrounding areas. They are fully licensed and specialize in both residential and commercial properties.

Their excellent customer service matches their roof installation skills. Advanced also has a wealth of experience in handling insurance claims and will help you deal with all the dreaded paperwork that a claim entails. They’ll stick with you right from the very start until the claim is completed, including even after the roofing work has been finished.

Advanced Roofing and Exteriors will take care of missing shingles, damage caused by hail, and any other roof-related problem. They can also install gutter systems and leaf protection, a key maintenance point in caring for your roof. Call them today to schedule a free inspection and estimate and learn why Advanced Roofing and Exteriors is one of the premier roof installers around.