Finding a good local roof installer

Mrs. Hammersmith’s houses

Roof installer in Charlotte, NC

(The following is a dramatization.)

Mrs. Hammersmith had inherited six rental houses in the Charlotte and Concord, NC area owned by her late husband. After a storm, when one of her tenants called to complain about the roof, she decided it was time to have all of them inspected. She discovered to her horror that four of the six houses needed work done on their roofs — and on two of them, the roofs needed to be replaced entirely.

Not only that, it had to be done quickly, before serious bad weather hit. Part of the problem was going to be taking the roofs off and having new ones put on without having rain or snow fall directly into the attic.

One of the houses was small and kind of cheap. All it really needed was an intact roof — doing anything special with it would have been an extravagance. The other was close to a hundred years old, but big, divided into apartments and very well built. It had the potential to last the rest of her life and a good deal longer. More to the point, if it just had a good roof she could sell it for a very substantial sum. Best of all, in spite of its age it wasn’t in the historic district, so there were no needless restrictions on what sort of roof she could put on it.

Different jobs — same company?

For the smaller house, an ordinary asphalt roof would do — or possibly synthetic shingles. For the big one, Mrs. Hammersmith decided this was an opportunity to invest in one of those metal roofs. It would be not only stronger than the old roof, but actually somewhat lighter.

The problem was going to be finding a roof installer in the area that could do both jobs — Mrs. Hammersmith wasn’t such a fan of negotiating with contractors that she wanted to do it twice. The ideal situation, in fact, would be if one company could do all the roofing work. Preferably a local one — Mrs. Hammersmith liked doing business with people right in the community.

As luck would have it, she found a local roof installer that was trustworthy, reliable and capable of doing any sort of roofing work necessary.

Charlotte’s best roof installer

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