Is silicone a good choice by my Charlotte, NC roof installer?

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A roof installer may notice if your roof is leaking or getting old. They will present some options such as patch repairs, restoration or a complete roof replacement. Depending on the size of your existing roof, it may quickly become expensive to repair or replace the roof system. Fortunately, a good roofing contractor will offer several roofing solutions. Read on to see how silicone can be a roofing material used to save money on commercial roof replacements in Charlotte NC.

Why is silicone a good material for Charlotte’s best roofing contractors?

A good roof installer frequently uses silicone because it’s a dependable product, which has been tested and proven to last very long against the weather. In comparison to alternatives like acrylic, silicone is resistant to the sun and the elements with no cracking. Silicone can also hold standing water for extended periods without degradation or leakage.

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With a leaking roof, it may be inconvenient for a contractor to use silicone sealants to fix individual leaks. This can be a time-consuming procedure for a roof installer, and there is increased risk of missing leaking areas. It is often advisable for stable roofing buildings to undergo a roof restoration process. Silicone may be used to form a silicone restoration membrane on almost any roof system. Through the application of a silicone layer over the entire roof, leakage can be remedied, and a waterproof membrane created over the entire existing roof system.

Selecting a silicone restorative membrane from a reliable roof installer has many benefits like cost savings, an extended roof life expectancy and reduced utility bills for heating and cooling. Labor costs for a Charlotte NC roof replacement will be reduced, as the application is quick to do, so the whole project can be completed in the shortest possible time.

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Therefore, it is advisable to consider the application of a silicone membrane whether you need a new roof, a major roof repair. This can make it more cost effective than having all the old roofing substrate removed before a new roofing system can be put in place.

Charlotte’s best roofing companies rely on building up a good reputation. To find out more about the right local roof installer and how silicone can help your business, contact Advanced Roofing and Exteriors and the staff will be happy to discuss all of your options to provide the most cost-effective solution to your problem. This commercial roofer is the number one roofing company in the area.