Knowing when you need a roof installer

Repair or replacement?

Roof installer in Charlotte, NC

Why would you need a roof in Charlotte or Concord, NC replaced instead of just repaired? A small amount of damage from weather, such as a few loose or missing shingles, can usually be fixed, but if it is left unrepaired it can spread and degrade the whole roof, to say nothing of the attic underneath. If you own a lot of untenanted properties and you haven’t checked the roofs in a while, you might be faced with a situation like this.

Faulty installation

Or the roof might not have been properly installed in the first place. According to the U.S. Federal Housing Administration, you should have at least 1 square foot of attic ventilation for every 300 square feet of attic space. Poor roof ventilation can lead to severe mold growth in the attic, especially in damp weather — the attic is shaded and cooler than the surrounding air, so the humidity is higher. In hot weather, the opposite problem emerges — a poorly ventilated attic overheats, warping the shingles over the whole surface of the roof, and even the roof deck itself. A good Charlotte and Concord, NC roof installer will make sure that the roof is properly ventilated, and if the damage is spotted early, it may be possible to add new ventilation without replacing the whole roof. But again, sometimes it isn’t spotted in time.

Age and damage

Or the roof might just be old. If it’s a metal, slate or tile roof, this probably isn’t the case, but if it’s an asphalt shingle roof, 20 to 25 years is the most you can expect. According to Angie’s List, cracked, curled, warped or missing shingles and gritty whitish stuff at the bottom of your roof gutters are all signs your shingle roof is deteriorating. Depending on the extent of the problem, you might still be able to get by with just replacing some shingles, but don’t delay.

The damage is worse if you see signs of leakage or moisture in your attic, or if you can the sun shining through cracks in your roof. And if the shingle lines are sagging slightly, it means the sheathing underneath is starting to rot and you probably need a new roof. Incidentally, if your chimney flashing is made of roof cement or tar, you may want to have it replaced with metal while you’re having work done on the rest of the roof.

The best roof installer in Charlotte and Concord, NC

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