Recognizing the importance of the roof installer

Roof installer

Finding a roofing installer for my shingle roof

When it comes to home maintenance, you cannot underestimate the role of a roof installer.  Your roof is not just some shingles on the top of your house. Your roof is a multifaceted system that includes the underlayment, waterproofing, flashing, skylights, vents, fascia, and gutters; all working together to protect your home from the elements.  Roofing installers are not just technicians, the really good ones are also artisans; they must specialize in the many types of roofs that are characteristic of the Carolinas. They have to be consultants with regard to the contemporary and traditional architecture for homes in Charlotte and Concord.  Roofing contractors must be proficient in installation, repair, and replacement of shingle, tile, metal roofing, and shake roofs.

Roofing installers must also be skilled at the assessment, repair, and installation of gutters and downspouts. Gutters can be as various in styles and designs such as vinyl, aluminum, and galvanized steel.  Additionally, the roofing contractor must also have expert understanding of facia boards, repair of soffits and attic ventilation.  The contractor also has to have an understanding of chimney repair, and they must have the carpentry skills necessary to install skylights and replace siding.

Warranty on roofing workmanship

The more experience that your contractor has, the more valuable he becomes. Remember that you trust the roofing contractor to maintain one of the most important elements of your home. In fact, in a way, you are entrusting tens of thousands of dollars in your largest investment. The experienced roofing companies know this and they offer a warranty on their workmanship that is separate from the materials warranty. They will work with you to develop a maintenance plan to insure that you get the maximum life span out of your roof. The best roofing companies will stand with you all through the project and long afterwards, ready to answer any questions you may have, and providing you with a record of regular inspections. It may seem unnecessary now, but as your roof gets older, a record of regular maintenance will be a factor in helping you get the best price for your home.

A great roofing company in Charlotte

If you live in Charlotte or Concord, NC, you have one of the most experienced and efficient roof installers right in your back yard. Advanced roofing and Exteriors has been maintaining and installing roofs for over twenty years. They have a reputation for providing high service and finishing jobs on time. Their customers are all satisfied and find the crews clean and courteous. They are certified installers for the highest quality material manufacturers, and they are a member of the Homebuilders Association of Charlotte. In other words, they plan to be around for a long time. Give Advanced Roofing and Exteriors a call today and learn that they are the roof installer that you have been looking for.