Roof installation details

Roof Installer in Charlotte, NCOverview

Roof installer works with an array of materials to suit your home or business needs. Your Charlotte and Concord, NC roofing contractors can install, replace, and repair roofs, as well as offer many other exterior improvements.


Roof installation, replacement, or repair takes one to three days to complete depending on the size and complexity of your project. The contactors in your area will work with you to create a schedule that suits your needs, and typically only reschedule for inclement weather, which could make work dangerous. Work typically goes from 7am to dusk.


Before filing a claim with your insurance company for weather-related damage like hail, you can have your local roofing contractors expect the damage. Also, when purchasing a new home, it is best to schedule an inspection for leaks in the attic area, as well as other factors that help indicate the roof’s age, integrity, and expectancy. Roof repair estimates are free from your local Charlotte and Concord roofing experts.

Roof Types

There are many different materials for roof installation, including asphalt, metal, wood, clay, tile, slate, and synthetic. Asphalt shingles are the most popular for homes because of their long warranty of 20 years to life, and their relative affordability. Concrete and tile roofs cost the most to install, but can last for 100 years, and have a very aesthetically pleasing historic look. Metal roofing is on the expensive end for installation, but comes with a 30 to 50 year warranty, and can last a lifetime. Also, it does not require treatment every 10 to 20 years, as asphalt does. Metal reflects heat, lowering air conditioning costs, and can be made to look like asphalt, clay, tile, or cedar. Metal roofing can be coated with zinc to prevent rust, which does not impact your color preferences. Lastly, for businesses, single-ply flat roofing is the best choice. Either white or black, and with various thicknesses and sizes, these sheet membranes are made in factory, and can be attached fully adhered to your building.

Other Services

Your local contractors provide other installation and repair services beyond roofing. For example, they specialize in gutters, siding, porch systems, box systems, chimney caps, and dormers. Gutters are important for directing rainwater runoff away from the structure of building, helping to prevent water damage.

Your Roofing Experts

The best roofing installers in Charlotte and Concord, NC are at Advanced Roofing and Exteriors. The company is family-owned, and boasts an A rating from the Better Business Bureau, and multiple Angie’s List Super Service Awards. Advanced Roofing and Exteriors is your best source for roof installation, repair, replacement, and many other residential and commercial exterior improvements throughout the Charlotte and Concord areas.