Roof installer in Charlotte NC and weather affects roofing

Roof installer

Do you know how the four seasons affect the roof of your property?

Roof installer companies in Charlotte NC tend to roof projects at all times of the year. They have seen pretty much everything that mother nature can throw at a roof. For regular individuals, it does help to fully understand how a roof is affected by the four seasons.

If you are a homeowner, or you have a business and are responsible for the condition of the roof, read on and see how the roof maybe affected by each of the four seasons.

Winter can mean you are calling a Concord NC roof installer out of the blue

The winter weather brings cold and wet conditions that put the roof of your property to the ultimate test. When the water freezes at the top of your roof, you can add up to 50 to 60 extra pounds of extra weight per cubic foot. This is what happens when a roof installer is called out to fix slipped shingles.

Ice dams can develop, and the weight of the ice can tear the gutters and roofing materials of your property. Even small amounts of defrosting water can easily seep into small holes, re-freeze and then open them in the roof to cause serious leaks. The continually fluctuating temperatures that are common this season can cause a thermal shock, which can cause the roof to deteriorate faster than usual.

Spring for Charlotte NC roofing companies

Spring typically offers a respite from adverse weather conditions. Temperatures heat up,and storms become less frequent. The spring weather provides the opportunity to inspect the roof and perform repairs before the summer heat arrives. But, not everything is safe, since spring comes with the possibility of the odd bout of heavy rain, that can cause or worsen roof leaks.

This is the ideal opportunity to get in touch with Charlotte’s best roofing companies and seek out the best roofing contractor to perform a roof inspection.

Summer and your local roof installer

While it may seem that summer weather is better for your roof, this is not always the case and offers many challenges for maintaining your roof. The intense heat will accumulate on a commercial roof and can easily damage the sealants used to bond the materials on your roof.

With high temperatures and equally high humidity levels, the materials in your roof can begin to swell and weaken. Also, if you have air conditioning units in your commercial building, trips to check the equipment can cause more damage to the roof substrates. A good roof installer will be able to spot these weak points and advise any remedial actions.

Fall and how it can affect your Charlotte NC roof

With cooler temperatures, this time of year may seem it doesn’t have much impact on your roof, but with falling leaves, the chances of these building up increases. High winds can make anything that has weight to it fly against your house and cause unseen damage.

To be sure that you are safe throughout this period, and that you are ready for the winter, you should be contacting Charlotte’s best roofing contractors to give your roof the once over. Advanced Roofing and Exteriors are the ideal roof installer to make sure all is well on your roof, and you are ready for the barrage to begin all over again.