Roof installers in Charlotte, NC can install a new roof or reroof

Installing a new roof after reroofing

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Reroofing is a common alternative to hiring a roof installer, especially in cases where a Charlotte, NC roof is showing signs of wear and tear but still has a few years in it, and the homeowner isn’t planning to stay for longer than the expected life of the roof.

The advantages of reroofing are easy to see — it’s faster, it’s cheaper and it doesn’t expose the attic or upper floor to the risk that rain may hit while it isn’t protected. But there are disadvantages as well.

The second layer of shingles isn’t likely to last as long because the bottom layer of shingles is, on average, warmer than an ordinary roof deck. This causes the top layer to harden and lose its water resistance. Water can also pool in the space between layers of shingles. During the summer it can create a place for algae to grow, and during the winter it can freeze, expand and force the shingles apart. This isn’t good for either layer.

The deciding factor, of course, is whether this has already happened. Most roofing codes don’t let you put more than two layers of roofing on one home. Be sure to look up roofing codes that apply to Concord, NC, or wherever your home is. Even if it’s legal, it’s not a good idea — it puts too much strain on the structure of the roof. Those codes were written for a reason.

How a roof installer puts on a new roof

First, you should have a talk with the roof installer about what style of roof you want and what kind of materials would work. The big question is whether you want a roof that will cost less now or save more later. If your roof installer has to remove more than one layer of roofing to lay a new one down, it may cost a bit more. A good roofer still won’t leaveshingles, nails or other debris in the yard.

The first step will be to lay a water shield over the deck in order to waterproof the nail holes. The roof installer will then lay down the new shingles, making a point of not letting any more nail heads be exposed than necessary. This shouldn’t take more than three days.

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