Roof installers: Make sure you know what you need from Charlotte, NC

The questions to ask roof installersRoof installer Charlotte, NC

When you need to have a roof installed, there are certain questions you should ask the roof installers, in order to make sure they’re the right roof installers for you.

The first question is “How much is this project likely to cost?” Given that having a new roof put on your home is a major expense and probably not something you can take care of with the cash you have on hand, it makes sense to learn as soon as possible how much money you’re going to need so that you can make the required financial plans. This is why you should look for a roof installer that offers a free estimate.

The next question is “How long will it take?” For similar reasons, this is something you should know so you can plan ahead. A good roof installer will be one that stays within the time and money estimates if at all possible.

The next question is “Have you installed any other roofs like this one in the last few years, and are any of your customers for these jobs willing to act as references?” All roof installers have to get their experience from somewhere, but chances are you’d rather have one who’s already gained that experience. A good Concord, NC roof installer will have a track record in the community, and there will be previous customers with positive testimonials. This is why you should look up the online reputation of any contractor you work with. Note that one or two negative reviews are not necessarily a deal-breaker – find out what their customers were unhappy about and how they handled the complaints.   

The next question is “Will there need to be a permit?” A good roof installer will know the local laws and building codes, and any Charlotte, NC roof installer worth doing business with will have a license to work in the state of North Carolina, as well as the insurance and workmen’s compensation necessary.

The next question is “Can you do everything yourself, or do you need to hire a subcontractor?” Some roof installers may already have more work than they can handle, or may need help with specialized tasks. This is normal, but in general, the fewer companies you have to trust your home to, the better.

Charlotte’s top roof installers

The best roof installers in Charlotte or Concord, NC are the family-owned local company Advanced Roofing and Exteriors. They’re a Home Builders Association of Charlotte member and an Owens Corning preferred contractor, and they’ve won the Angie’s List Super Service Award twice. They’ll give you a free estimate, plan their schedule to fit your own and bring all the materials they need themselves. Call today.